Man’s Wedding Ring Gets Caught in the Disposal…This is What Happened Next


OMG! Can you imagine if this happened to your or your husband’s wedding ring? This is why you should always make sure both of your wedding rings are totally snug and secure…or better yet don’t wear it while you’re washing dishes, like this one guy did.

A jewelry repair man just posted these really cool photos on Imgur about the wedding ring disaster he recently fixed. He documents all the steps he took to try and make a man’s wedding ring that was totally annihilated by the garbage disposal look like new. He didn’t post any before shots but it looks pretty great now. Check out the pics below, and send to your husband as a reminder to be careful! Lol.


Step 1: Reshaping

“I used pliers to force an opening big enough for the ring to fit on a ring mandrel.”


“Once the ring is on the mandrel, I am able to use a goldsmiths hammer to see quick results. As I am hammering on the ring, I pull the ring tighter on the mandrel to restore its round shape.”


“Now that the original shape has been restored, I can focus on taking care of the gouges and dings.”


Step 2: Refurbishing

“I used a ring file to take out surface scratches, as well as restoring edges.”


“It is important to note that filing removes a bit of material from the ring. I wanted to make sure that thinning was minimized, so filing was only used for scratches and dings that were not very deep.”


“In order to preserve the integrity of the ring, I filled the deeper gouges with 14kt gold using a hand torch.”


Step 3: Replace Broken Diamonds

“Unfortunately the two diamonds in the center did not survive the crushing blades of the garbage disposal.”


“I popped out the two broken diamonds and prepared to replace them.”


“I replaced the broken diamonds with the same size and clarity of the previous ones.”


Step 4: Polishing

“This diamond felt lap restores the crisp edges on the sides of the ring.”


“This buffing wheel completes the polishing processes, restoring the high polish of the ring.”


“This was a fun project for me as it is not often I get to work on something that has been destroyed that badly. The gentleman was very pleased to have his wedding ring back good as new!”


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