5 Links We Love: Sephora’s Best Products Reviewed, Meghan Found Her Wedding Dress, and More

One of our New Year’s resolutions this year (aside from working out five times a week [um, it’s happened once this week so far]), is reading way more non-work related content. Because even though we obviously really, really love wedding ideas and stories, you can’t plan your wedding ALL the time. This new weekly series will feature some of our favorite wedding-related links of course, but also fun/interesting/surprising/beautiful/delicious things we’ve found online the past week.

What’s the coolest thing you read about this week? Share it with us in the comments section below!


1. This Game of Thrones themed hotel could be the best the COOLEST honeymoon spot ever (and by cool we mean friggin’ freezing)

2. Why didn’t anybody tell me about IKEA’s capsule collections?!

3. Meghan Markle flew in her BFF bridal stylist and apparently she picked out her wedding dress!

4. Sephora’s top-5 beauty products, tested. (And yes, this Beauty Blender HAS changed my makeup life)

5. I made this last weekend and it was probably the best thing I’ve ever made.

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