The Perfect Kitten Heel Wedding Shoes

If I were a shoe designer I would ONLY make kitten heels. Seriously.

Considering how many drastically high heels there are out there today I probably wouldn’t be a very successful shoe designer, but at least I would have a closet full of shoes that I would actually wear. Because yes, I’m not embarrassed to admit that 98% of the shoes I own are kitten heels, including my wedding shoes.

I feel like kitten heels are the Goldilocks of shoes: Not too flat, not too tall…but juuuust right. And for an event that you’re going to be standing on your feet for upwards of 5 hours in, you want to be comfortable. Flat wedding shoes are ALWAYS an option, but for those of you who like a little bit of lift, kitten heels are the perfect in-between size that will give you sex appeal without the skyhigh discomfort. And yes, I realize I’m starting to sound like a Grandma.

It’s no easy task to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes, which is why it helps to know what style you want right off the bat. If you know that you are not a flat or kitten-heel girl, then by all means dive feet-first into your search armed with that knowledge. If you’re searching for the perfect mix between comfort with style…then read on!

Below are a few of my recent favorite picks for kitten heel wedding shoes. Now some of these are (way) on the pricey side, but if they’re nowhere near your budget it’s great to see a pair you like so you can start looking for less expensive versions of them.

For example, those J. Crew shoes look A LOT like the Miu Miu ones (and I’ve seen a version of that shoe from several different brands in-store). So don’t be discourage by the prices…use them as a guide!

Burberry Slingback Pumps
Burberry, $606

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