Do I Have to Invite All My Family to the Wedding?

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Q: I have a very large family and am close to the majority of my cousins, but there are some cousins I would rather not invite. Is it rude to not invite all siblings of a family to my wedding? Like if John, Jesse and Chris are brothers but I only want to invite Chris and John do I have to invite Jesse also?- Amanda

A: This is a GREAT and totally tricky question. The short answer is yes, etiquette would dictate that if you invite one sibling you should invite ALL the siblings. There are exceptions, however. If there is a family member/sibling who is estranged, I do not think it would be looked down upon to NOT invite them, especially if your family hasn’t had communication with them. In that case it would be completely acceptable to leave out that particular sibling from your wedding guest list.

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I think the other scenario would be if you or your future spouse personally had a major fallout with them. In that case I would talk to your parents (the one who is the Aunt/Uncle to your cousin) and get their opinion on the situation. Even though it’s your wedding, anything involving family should be handled extra carefully.

If you simply don’t want to invite them because they annoy you, then I think you’re out of luck and should most likely invite them. Sorry! 🙁

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