How Much Do Wedding Chairs Cost? And How to Find the Best Ones for You

best wedding chair rentals

Me and wedding chairs have a love/hate relationship. Basically, I either love a wedding chair or absolutely hate it, and there’s no in between. I think wedding chairs are one of the most important details at a wedding, and one that is often an after-thought for many brides. While we don’t all have an unlimited budget to rent the best/most creative wedding chairs on the market, there are several options that are just as affordable as your ho-hum folding chair. Take, for instance, the Vienna chair pictured below. Why have a boring ol’ banquet chair when you can have a well-designed (albeit plastic) one? I would even venture as far to say that wedding chairs are just as important as your flowers/centerpieces. You could even argue that they’re more important, considering you’ll have more of them on display.

With that said, you can’t always get what you want if you don’t know what’s out there and for how much. Once you determine your wedding venue and space, the chairs will be an important part of your look. Find the style you like and shop around to see who has the best prices. And don’t forget to NEGOTIATE!! If you find it cheaper somewhere else, get the rental company to cut you a better deal. Or see if you can get the chairs for 10-15 percent off from a vendor right off the bat. It never hurts to ask.

Below are the most popular wedding chair rentals on the market today, and the average prices I’ve found them listed for (via the links below). If you’re looking to go outside the box for your wedding rentals, reach out to a vintage wedding rental company and have fun with mix/match chairs. While some vintage rental companies might charge you more, you’d be surprised how many are in line with the bigger, more standard event rental companies.

Use this guide below to not only help you find which style wedding chair you like, but how much you can expect them to cost. If you get a quote from a wedding rental company that is way higher then is listed here, you can use this as a reference.

cafe vienna wedding chair rental

Plastic Cafe Vienna Chair: $1-$1.45


plastic folding chair wedding

Plastic folding chair: $1.25-$1.75


white wood folding chair wedding rental

Wood padded folding chairs: $2-$4.50


banquet-chairs wedding rental

Banquet Chair: $3.50


bamboo folding chair wedding rental

Bamboo/Rattan folding chair: $4-$5

chiviari wedding chair rental

Chiavari: $5-$8.75

versaille opera wedding chair rental

Opera or Versailles: $6.95-$8.50

bentwood wedding chair rental

Bentwood: $7.50


chameleon wedding chair rental

Chameleon: $10.75-$13.25


cross back wedding chair rental

Cross Back (also occasionally known as a Vineyard): $12


ghost chair wedding rental

Ghost: $12-$15

Note: Comes with arms (Louis version) or without (Victoria version). Louis is typically a bit more expensive.


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  1. says: Andrew

    Hey Lindsay! I couldn’t agree more that it’s usually pretty hard to see what the best prices are within a particular category of chair where you’re getting married, let alone have all the pricing info you need to decide between styles. I wanted to post a link to Goodshuffle that lets you quickly search/compare the different prices for each style of chair across multiple vendors in case it’s helpful to anyone!