Hickory Street Annex

Hickory Street Annex
501 Second Avenue
Suite B-200
Dallas, TX 75226
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Average Base Cost: $24,000

Average base cost for a Hickory Street Annex wedding is calculated by figuring a 125person guest list on a Saturday night and an average food/beverage cost of $100/ppTransportation to venue, entertainment, decorations, additional rentals, valet, DJ, and photography are not included. Average price includes gratuity and state sales tax. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand.

*Prices subject to change

How it Breaks Down

Facility Rental Fee: 

-Sunday $4000
-Monday-Thursday starting at $2500
-Friday $5000
-Saturday $7000

-Sunday $4500
-Monday-Thursday starting at $3000
-Friday $5500
-Saturday $7500

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What’s Included:

  • 6500 sf event space
  • chairs and tables
  • caterer’s kitchen
  • 3 flat screen tv’s
  • on site venue manager throughout the day and evening (this is not an event coordinator)
  • 13 hours on the day of your event
  • 0ne 2 hour photo shoot studio prior to your event (must be scheduled around other events)
  • one hour rehearsal (pending availability of the space)
  • 2000 sf bridal suite and cocktail space (included with Saturday events, fee applies for other events)
  • covered patio with tables and chairs
  • entryway with picture ledges and wood table
  • coat rack, hangers and umbrella bucket (when cold or rainy)
  • white paper lanterns and fairly lights
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  • A stage for a band or other performance can be purchased for $100 per 4’x8’ panel, with no delivery or setup fee.
  • Colored paper lanterns are available to mix in with your white lanterns (included) or can be used in lieu of for a fee of $250
  • Chandeliers are also available to rent for $150/each
  • Gobos (monograms or special logos projected via light) are available for $250 for first image, $150 for the second.
  • Pin spot lights are also available to rent for $30 per table
  • Ceremony lighting: $250
  • Cafe lights: $300 per side
  • Uplighting: $550
  • There is a charge of $250 per hour to come in earlier than noon to setup on your wedding day (with an exception made for afternoon weddings)
  • A security guard is required, with an estimated charge of $175 per officer for 5 hours showing up on your final bill. Two security officers are required for events over 125 people.
  • Valet is optional and will generally run you around  $30 per hour per attendant
  • $300 cleaning fee
  • All linens must be rented through the Hickory Street Annex
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Food/Beverage: You must choose one of their approved caterers. Depending on the caterer and package you choose from them, prices for food start at $8-$70 per person. You may also bring in your own alcohol (score!) as long as it is served by the caterers bartenders.


More Stats

Space Type: Inside (with a small covered patio)

Size: Up to 200 for ceremony & reception and up to 250 for reception only

Bridal Suite: Yes

Parking: Yes

Food Service Type: Your choice


How Will Grandma Get There? The Hickory Street Annex is located close to downtown Dallas so there are plenty of lodging options. The NYLO Dallas hotel is nearby and offers free shuttle rides to the Hickory Street Annex.

Party On! Events can go until 1 a.m.

The Report

Built in 1921, the collection of buildings that make up the Hickory Street Annex were originally part of a distribution center for Gulf Oil Company, providing automobile maintenance facilities for Gulf’s vehicles and storage space for its customer and automobile products. From the 1950’s to the 1980’s, it was the home of C.H.Collier Company, where they maintained and repaired hydraulic systems on forklifts. Today, the Hickory Street Annex serves as a creative community and its available spaces are leased out to small businesses. The event venue features windows on all four sides and a view of downtown, exposed brick walls, exposed steel trusses, a wood ceiling and concrete floors.


Woman Getting Married Says

Nothing pulls my heart strings more than a wedding venue with most of the details listed upfront on the website. I really wish ALL wedding venues would do this, as I think it shows not only that there won’t be any hidden fees, but that you know what you’re getting into before you check out the venue. It saves EVERYBODY a whole bunch of time. With that said looking at the space as an event venue I have to say I like it. While the venue fee is on the higher side I think you’re getting a unique space with a decent amount of amenities included.

There are several mandatory “extras” you’ll have to pay for, but they are not outrageous (like a $300 cleanup fee or $175 for security). You’re also going to save money bringing in your own alcohol, and their approved caterers seem to have reasonable pricing as well. I’m also a fan of being near any downtown for out of town guests, and having them stay at a hotel (the NYLO one mentioned above) with a free shuttle makes that even better. An outside area would raise my rating score, and since they used to have one where ceremonies could take place I think it would be great if they could bring that back one day!

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Amenities/What’s Included 8
Convenient for Grandma 9
Layout 9
Location 9
Overall Charm 8
Venue Value 9

WGM Rating

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