Ham House

Ham House
144 Kidd Ln
Tivoli, NY 12583
(845) 757-3424

Average Base Cost: $20,000

Average base cost for a Ham House wedding is calculated by figuring a 60-person guest list on a Saturday night and an average catering cost of $150/pp for food and beverage. Transportation to venue, entertainment, decorations, additional rentals, valet, DJ, and photography are not included. Average price includes gratuity and state sales tax. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand.

*Prices subject to change

How it breaks down:

Facility Rental Fee: 

In order to rent the Ham House for a wedding a 3-night minimum stay is required. Prices for lodging in the Ham House’s 5 rooms (which can accommodate 10 people) is as follows:

  • $3,300 for three nights (minimum)
  • $5,500 for a week stay

You will also be required to pay a site fee for your event, which breaks down as follows:

  • Less than 65 guests:$4500
  • 65 – 100: $5500
  • 100 – 150: $6500
  • More than 150: $7500
  • Rehearsal Dinner (4hrs): $3000
  • Brunch/Cocktail: $20 pp
ham house wedding cost

What’s Included: Nothing. Staff salary, valet parking, insurance, catering, rentals, cleaning fees, etc. are additional expenses.

Extras: For any events larger than 70 people a tent from their exclusive vendor Sperry is required. Prices start at $4,000 for a tent for 100 people and can go up to 10 times that depending on add-ons such as sides, flooring, etc.

Food/Beverage: Ham House works with three preferred caterers, but you are able to bring in your own caterer as long as they are approved by the Ham House prior to the event.

ham house wedding cost
ham house wedding cost
ham house wedding cost

More Stats

Space Type: Inside/Outside

Size: For indoor events, Ham House can accommodate 70 people for a reception/sit-down dinner. For cocktails parties the space can accommodate around 100 people. For weddings and other outdoor/tented events the Ham House can host up to 200 people. Lodging in the Ham House can accommodate 10-12 guests.

Bridal Suite: Yes

ham house wedding cost
Photo by Brooke Fitts

Parking: Yes

Food Service Type: Your choice

How Will Grandma Get There? The Ham House is a 2-2.5 hour drive north of New York City, and a 3-hour train ride from the city to the Rhinecliff-Kingston Station. Nearby hotels such as Beekman Arms and Marriott Kingston would be a short shuttle or cab ride away for guests from the Ham House. Grandma can also stay in one of the 5 rooms as well.


Party On! Due to noise regulations in the Hudson Valley, all amplified music must end at 10pm. However, guests are welcome to stay and mingle and listen to music from the house’s sound system after that.

ham house wedding cost
Photo by Jen Huang

The Report

The Ham House is a restored 1850’s Italianate mansion situated between the Tivoli Bays State Park and within walking distance of the hamlet of Tivoli, overlooking the Catskill Mountains. It was built in 1854 by William R. Ham, a New York entrepreneur and “gentleman” farmer, for his daughter. In the early 1900’s the house became part of a philanthropic endeavor by several New Yorkers who wanted to use the Ham House as well as neighboring properties to set up a camp for underprivileged children. Author Saul Bellow purchased the house in 1956 and wrote both “Henderson the Rain King” and “Herzog” while living there.

Saul Bellow eventually donated the house to nearby Bard College, and after a short stint as student housing the house was donated to the State of New York, who deemed the land the house is situated on as Tivoli Bay State Park. The current owners purchased the Ham House in 1996 and restored the property with extensive renovations, including the addition of a 50-foot lap pool, porch, and a full day spa. Services range from hair and make-up sessions, manicure and pedicure, massage therapies, facials and beauty treatments, a dry sauna and wet room and relaxation area.

ham house wedding cost
ham house wedding cost

Woman Getting Married Says:

There’s not a lot I don’t love about the Ham House. The first great thing about it (aside from the history) is it’s location. The surrounding area and towns are adorable, and if you live in New York City it’s a nice weekend escape for you and your guests. I also love that you can stay on the property (which is gorgeous) for several nights, even if you do have to pay extra for it. It would be great if there were more included in the rental price, but compared to New York venues such as Mount Gulian the price is on par, and in my opinion you’re getting more from the property itself in terms of surroundings.

If you’re looking to stay under a certain budget I would stick to a 64 person or less guest count (note the $1,000 price difference between 64 and 65 guests), since you’ll have to rent a tent if you invite more than 70 people. And while tents can start around $4,000 for a basic structure, you are more likely looking at price closer to three times that, plus the extra venue fee. If you have the budget I say go for it, as having both the inside and larger outside area will make for a great (albeit pricier) wedding. However, an intimate, smaller guest count could be an amazing experience at this wedding venue as well.

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Amenities/What’s Included 5
Convenient for Grandma 9
Layout 8
Location 9
Overall Charm 10
Venue Value 8

WGM Rating

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