Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange
63 Flushing Ave
Building #3, ROOF
Brooklyn, NY 11205
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Average Base Cost: $35,000

Average base cost for a Brooklyn Grange wedding is calculated by figuring a 125-person guest list using an average $150/pp food/beverage catering cost for the area. Transportation to venue, entertainment, decorations (aside from string lights), DJ, and photography are not included. Average price includes gratuity and state sales tax as well as the items listed below. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand.

How it Breaks Down


  • Less than 75 people: $2,500 (1 hour); $3,500 (2 hours)
  • 75-100 ppl: $3,500 (1 hour); $4,500 (2 hours)
  • 75-150 ppl: $4,500 (1 hour); $5,500 (2 hours)
  • Event: 1 or 2 hours
  • Load in: 3 hours prior to event
  • Load out: 2 hours post event
  • No food and beverage
Photo by Anastasia Plakias
Photo by Anastasia Plakias
brooklyn grange wedding
Photo “Brooklyn Grange Navy Yard – Tilt Shift Styley” copyright Gonzlaught from Flickr Creative Commons.


  • Less than 75 people: $5,000
  • 75-100 ppl: $6,500
  • 75-150 ppl: $8,500
  • Event: 3 hours
  • Load in: 3 hours prior to event
  • Load out: 2 hours post event
  • Passed appetizers and cold prep only.
Photo by Anastasia Plakias
Photo by Anastasia Plakias


  • Less than 75 people: $8,500
  • 75-150 ppl: $10,000
  • Event: 5 hours
  • Load in: 4 hours prior to event
  • Load out: 2 hours post event

Food and Beverage: You can bring in your own caterer (with approval from Brooklyn Grange) for an additional fee of $1,000, or use one of their preferred vendors such as Roberta’s, Fig and Pig, or the Cleaver Company , whose prices start at $225/person for food, beverage, staff, and rental equipment. You can arrange to have liquor brought in either via a caterer or licensed liquor distributor (which means you can most likely get good rates).

Photo by W. Scott Chester
Photo by W. Scott Chester

What’s Included: There is a permanent tent structure at Brooklyn Grange. They also offer in-house string lights and paved lights along the paved area. Security is also provided as part of your rental fee.

More Stats

Space Type: Outside

Size: Up to 150 people

Bridal Suite: No

Parking: Yes. There is a free garage located behind the building

Food Service Type: Your choice

Additional Fees: Access to the farm the day prior to the wedding for drop off, set up,or rehearsal, is available for an additional fee of 50% the total balance. If you wish to bring in furniture rentals (aside from tables, chairs, etc. not provided by a caterer), you can use one of their preferred vendors or use your own vendor for a fee of $500.

How Will Grandma Get There? There are several hotels located nearby the Brooklyn Range, including the boutique Condor Hotel. Guests can also stay in New York City (Grand Central Station is 7 miles, roughly 25 minutes away).

Party On! Events have a hard end-time of midnight, and breakdown can start after that time.

The Report

Started in 2010, the Brooklyn Grange is a commercial urban farm that grows and sells produce such as tomatoes, greens, peppers, kale, chard, herbs, carrots, radishes, and beans. Brooklyn Grange has two farms, one in Long Island City and the other at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (which this post is about). Located on top of Building Number 3 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brookyn Grange is a 12-story building with a 65,000 sq. foot rooftop covered in soil with vegetables and flowers. With views of the dock, East River, and downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn Grange has a paved deck and patio area that can be used for ceremonies, sit-down receptions, and dancing.

Photo by W. Scott Chester
Photo by W. Scott Chester

 Woman Getting Married Says

I love the idea of having an urban rooftop farm wedding, especially in Brooklyn. While the venue has amazing views, supports urban agriculture and has ample parking next door, the lack of inside space along with a hefty price tag is a bummer. I’m also not a fan of pricing a venue according to size vs. day. It would be great if they could establish a flat rate regardless of wedding size, especially since they aren’t providing any extras that would appear to influence that. Compared to wedding venues such as The Foundry this might be less expensive (the venue fee for a Saturday wedding at the Foundry, regardless of size, will run you around $16,000 for multiple spaces), but unfortunately you don’t have the inside/outside options to play with and your average base cost could end up in the same ballpark. Overall while I really love this concept and space, I think the rental fee should be closer to $6,000 than $10,000 for a 125+ guest reception .

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Amenities/What’s Included 7
Convenient for Grandma 7
Layout 7
Location 8
Overall Charm 8
Venue Value 7

WGM Rating

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  1. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for writing in.

    So they have two locations…one in Long Island City and the other at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This post actually covers the latter, which is their location in Brooklyn. Sorry if that’s not clear!