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You have two options when it comes to changing your last name after you get married. The first is sitting down and researching all the companies you’ll need to change your name with yourself. This involves finding your bank, credit card, health and auto insurance companies and countless others’ contact info as well as their list of requirements to prove you’ve changed your name. This can take hours and you still might not end up with an accurate list. The second is to use a name change company that will do most of the hard work for you. While you’ll still need to physically go to the DMV, Bank, and Social Security Office, name change services will compile all the information these companies need, and autofill them with your information (such as your account numbers, new name, DOB, etc.). They’ll also address your letters and/or provide email templates, as well as give you a comprehensive checklist of what to do each step of the way. 

While there are several companies that you can use that will make the process easier, I’m always a fan of using one that has transparent reviews so you can read what actual customers think of the product. One of the most highly-reviewed name change companies is Easy Name Change, which at the time of publishing has a TrustScore of 8.28 / 10, and close to 200 reviews. 

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Operating in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, Easy Name Change has been around since 2008 and takes the guesswork out of changing your name. Here’s how their process works, and what brides have said about their experience.

easy name change

How Easy Name Change Works

Before you begin, you’ll choose between their $79 or $39 package. The biggest difference between the two is that the $79 will print and deliver all the forms you need directly to your door (vs. downloading yourself). Otherwise, both packages include ready-to-send forms, letters, and emails that can be instantly downloaded. Both kits also include a personalized checklist and guide that you can use to stay on track of your name change to-dos. One additional thing we love is that they offer a money back guarantee, which means if you’re not happy for any reason they’ll provide a full refund, which very few name change companies offer. Here’s how the process works:

easy name change

Step 1:

After you’ve selected the kit you want, you’ll be prompted to enter your new name and email address. Once you’ve gone through the payment process (they accept credit cards or PayPal) you are asked to pick the state you live in so they can choose the right agencies and companies that need to be contacted in your area.

Next, Easy Name Change will display a list of specific companies across different categories (health insurance, credit cards, government agencies, etc.) that you have accounts with which will need to be notified about your name change. Select all that apply. 

easy name change

Step 2:

From here, you’ll enter your basic information that will be used to populate the forms and emails sent to the companies you’ve selected, including your old and new name and contact details. You have the option to include more sensitive data, like SSN, DOB and specific account numbers that will be auto-populated on your pre-made forms, or if you prefer just leave it blank and enter offline.

Have questions about the Easy Name Change process? Find answers to the most commonly asked questioned here.

easy name change

Step 3: 

Once you’ve inputted all your information, you’ll click  ‘Finalize and Send.’ Your name change kit is then created (the process can take a few moments) and sent to you via email and mail depending on the kit you’ve chosen. 

WGM Says: Don’t want to finish your kit right away? Your sensitive data is saved for 3 months in their system, so you can come back and do it on your own timeline. Your credit never expires.

Step 4: 

As you’ll read in your Easy Name Change personalized checklist, the Social Security Administration is the first place you’ll want to go, followed by the DMV. Once you have those you can begin sending out your letters to the other companies that your name needs to be changed with. You’ll then be done with the process and using your new name before you know it!

easy name change

Easy Name Change Reviews

Want to know what other brides thought about Easy Name Change? We asked brides who used the service to review their experience:

“Surprisingly Easy”

“Using Easy Name Change was surprisingly easy! I was able to fill in as much or as little info as I wanted in different areas, which I loved because I could feel confident my info was safe, print off the forms, and finish filling in confidential information later. The website was very easy to use and more thorough than I would’ve been in finding all the documents I would need to update. My only complaint was that it was tricky to list more than one address for different documents. Rather than autofilling all documents for one address, I had to manually enter one of my two different addresses into the applicable forms. However, I’m aware that needing to input multiple addresses is probably not the norm. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use everything! I’m a lot less stressed about changing my name now.”—Gretchen

“Clear instructions”

“I’ve been dreading changing my name since I got married last year, but this was my sign to finally take the leap. It took me a whopping 10 minutes to go through the entire sign-up process. I now have an easy roadmap and clear instructions to follow and am already way less overwhelmed.”—Anne

Worked with my schedule

“My schedule has been crazy lately so I try to avoid anything that takes up a big chunk of time. I thought this would be one of them, but Easy Name Change made it super easy for me to put together everything I need to change my last name. The instructions were very clear and I was able to get all the forms emailed to me. I went through and checked off all the companies I would need to change my name with. The only one they didn’t have was my cable company, which was the only hiccup I experienced. I like that I can save it on my desktop until I’m ready to send all the forms at once. Knowing it’s all there to send when it works with my schedule is great.” —Dana

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