How to Finalize Your Wedding Guest List in Less Than a Minute

Whether you’re having a wedding of 200 people or 20, it can feel like a nearly impossible task deciding who you should (and shouldn’t) invite. In fact, I know a lot of couples who have decided to elope because the pressure of the guest list was driving them mad…and I can see why! You might feel pressure from your parents, future in-laws, siblings, friends, and even co-workers to invite wedding guests you either don’t know very well or haven’t seen in ages. So we thought we’d have a little fun with helping you decide who you should invite to your wedding, and who you should cross off your list with the flowchart below. And even if it doesn’t have a super serious tone, we 100% agree that you should decide your guest list using these same questions! 😉

Make sure your wedding planning is on track with this super helpful Wedding Planning Checklist.


wedding guest list




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