Crazy Rich Asians Will Become Your New Favorite Wedding Movie

We love a good rom-com–especially when there’s a wedding involved–but if we’re being honest there haven’t been a ton of great ones out there lately. Which is why we’re pretty excited about Crazy Rich Asians, the first Hollywood film to have a majority Asian cast in 25 years (the last movie was The Joy Luck Club, which was, uh, forever ago) and guess what? It’s exactly the summer wedding movie we’ve been looking for. If you loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this new movie will top your list.

crazy rich asians wedding

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name from Chinese author Kevin Kwan and directed by Jon Chu (also Chinese-American), it all starts off when Rachel (Constance Wu) goes to Singapore with her longtime boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) to attend his best friend’s wedding. Everything would be great except Rachel finds out that Nick not only comes from an extremely wealthy family, but is considered one of THE most eligible bachelors in his country. Now on his family’s turf, Rachel has to deal with jealous girls, Nick’s crazy family, and disapproving mother (Michelle Yeoh) who worries Rachel isn’t good enough for her son.

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And as if the premise of the movie isn’t juicy enough, wait until you see the FASHION. From Ralph Lauren and Dior to Elie Saab and Stella McCartney, it’s about as fun as our fave The Devil Wears Prada when it comes to the outfits.

Set your calendars! The movie debuts hits theaters on August 15. Fun fact: The date is significant because 8 has always been considered a “lucky number” in Chinese culture, and August is the 8th month and 8/15 is roughly 5 years after the book was first published.

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