A Chic Yellow and Grey Utah Wedding


I love reading about Lexie’s favorite moments from her wedding to Bryce. Not only was their big day utterly breathtaking, but it was filled with so many fun and poignant memories for the couple and their adorable daughter that it really feels like we were there!

Captured by the amazing Pepper Nix Photography, you can read more from Lexie, below, along with a few of our favorite photos. Thanks so much to Lexie and Bryce and Pepper Nix Photography for sharing!



On finding the wedding dress:

When I went to look at dresses, I had no specific “look” that I was trying to find. I honestly had no idea what I was looking for. I went to David’s Bridal with my now sister-in-law, Teresa, and ended up buying the first and only dress I tried on. I knew it was the one. I always thought I would wear a long, extravagant veil, however, I never even tried one on. I saw a lace face veil (headband with lace over the eyes/nose) and fell in love with it. It was very classic and elegant and just the look I wanted. Because of the way the vail fit and my dress being strapless, I knew I wanted my hair up. I thought that would accentuate the beauty of both my dress and veil. I chose a very subtle necklace and simple bracelet so it didn’t take away from the whole attire. My most important accessory was my shoes. Like I mentioned, in my opinion, the shoes say it all!! I found my shoes at David’s Bridal as well. I didn’t expect to find my shoes there or as easily as I ended up finding them. I did not want average, basic shoes and I was very particular when it came to the size of the heel. I knew I would be walking in mountains and on a wood bridge, so I wanted to be sure I found the perfect ones…



On the first look:

After MUCH debate, we decided not to do a First Look before the ceremony. Bryce and I have done things in a not so “traditional” manner. We got pregnant and moved in together 2 1/2 years prior to getting married. The night before our wedding, instead of doing the “traditional” thing by not spending the night together, we instead snuggled up and watched Disney movies and the 3 of us slept snuggled up in one bed.






On her favorite wedding memory:

Watching my husband dance with his grandmother (his mom’s mom). His mom passed away when he was 3-years-old so his grandma was pretty much his mom. She is not in the best health and I didn’t think she would make it to the wedding, especially given the location, but she did and watching them dance alone on the dance floor was so memorable. My (other) favorite memory from our wedding is walking down the aisle. I have never felt and experienced so many emotions all at once. I had all my loved ones there, I was being escorted by my father, I had my daughter in front of me and standing at the top of the bridge was the man that still makes my heart drop even to this day. I felt beautiful and I will never forget the look on Bryce’s face as I made my way down the aisle. Unbelievable. The best part of it all is having Pepper (the photographer) there to capture almost every emotion I was feeling at that moment and the rest of the night.




Funniest moment?

As each bridesmaid/groomsmen went and my time was closer approaching, my dad and I had one of the best bonding moments to date. He could tell I was nervous, yet so happy. He told me at least 100 times how breathtaking I looked. Then I told him I was worried I was either going to trip on the bridge or start bawling hysterically. He told me, “I promise I won’t let you fall. And if you think you are going to start crying and don’t want to, just know that I have the worst gas and have farted at least ten times since we’ve been standing here. So, think of how many times I will have farted by the time I give you to Bryce if you start to feel the tears coming… that should stop you from crying for a minute at least!” I laughed so hard. I just remember walking down the aisle and feeling so much emotion mentally, and physically- feeling my dad hold on to me as tight as he could to the point that I could almost feel the emotions he was feeling also. That particular moment was so surreal and it filled my heart with more happiness and love than I have ever felt before! He whispered funny things to me the whole way down aisle- experiencing that memory with my dad and looking ahead at Bryce at the head of the bridge was incredible in every way possible.







On the decor:

I wanted it to be magical, yet simple. The ceremony took place on the bridge next to the Red Pine Lodge. I was given several options to add to the bridge such as large flower decor on the bridge railing or a large floral archway for me and my handsome groom to be married under, but I decided to keep it simple. We had a red runway for us to walk down that was in the middle of the bridge and flowers on some of the chairs. We had a 2 amazingly beautiful floral arrangements aside each of us at the front of the bridge, but that was about it. I really wanted the focus to be on us and the beauty of our natural surroundings and I didn’t want anything to take away from that.



On her advice to future brides:

Take time to soak up every second of the day, especially the ceremony and the alone time you get with your spouse and the photographer. I know I complained a bit because I am not a huge picture person, but now seeing how unbelievably talented Pepper is and how creative she gets with her pictures, I wish I wouldn’t have been so camera shy and let Pepper do her thing!! Also, one of my bridesmaids told me that when I got to Bryce at the beginning of the ceremony, to let go of everything around me and all the stress leading up to this day, and to soak up that particular moment with him. She told me to essentially let go of everything going on around us and slowly embrace the moment with just me and Bryce- even if it were only for a minute or two. I took that advice and didn’t realize how much it would mean to me. Definitely would pass that same tip to other brides!





Photographer:  Pepper Nix Photography//Reception Venue: Canyons Resort//DJ: Park City Wedding DJ//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Vera Wang//Dress Designer:Vera Wang for David’s Bridal//Cake Designer: Carrie’s Cakes//Floral Designer: Every Blooming Thing//

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    Such a beautiful wedding day!! I loved how summery and the love between them was just magic!! Thank you for sharing their story!! XOXO