A Pink and Gold Art Studio Wedding in South Carolina

When you get married in an awesome local art studio, you don’t need a lot of fancy decorations! Which is exactly what Devin and Mychelle did for their August wedding at Studio Cellar in Columbia, SC. Captured beautifully by Lavish Moments Photography, it was so much fun to see this amazing couple celebrate their love among their closest family and friends. The couple, who travel around the world with Mychelle’s position in the US Army, clearly loved every minute of it, and so did we! More from the bride, below!

What was the inspiration behind your day? Did you have a specific theme, style or color palette? Did you incorporate any cultural or religious traditions in any part of your day?

“Our wedding day was literally one for the books. From when we were looking for our venue we wanted something different from most weddings. Studio Cellar had an atmosphere that was indescribable and beyond welcoming. Our colors were blush pink and gold, there was nothing significant behind the colors aside from how beautiful they looked together especially during the summer months. We incorporated my Korean culture into the wedding by my mothers wedding attire and the food provided at the reception. My mother wore a Hanbok which is a traditional Korean gown that are worn to special events such as weddings. Since we were in the south we decided to have southern style food along with Korean food. So many of my friends grew up with me in Korea, have been stationed there or just have tried it through myself and mother. They all love it and we wanted a part of our culture to apart of our wedding.”

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Let’s talk wedding decor. How did you decorate your space for the ceremony and the reception? Was any part of the decor DIY?

“The wedding décor was beautiful! We went with Ashlene Kreations to decorate our wedding and reception. For the wedding it was pretty simple with all chairs covered with silk white cover and a blush pink ribbon tied around them. We had a backdrop that was sequin gold and blushing pink, placed strategically in front of the windows for the natural light to shine through and set the mood. The venue already had beautiful lights placed where it enhanced the golden look we were going for. For the reception, we kept the back drop and covered seats. There were white linens on each table with a gold sequin runner. Each table had a gold chargers placed with white and pink napkins placed on the center of them. Then to set it off there were gold wine bottle center pieces and beautiful pink and white flowers to enhance the beauty of the decorations.”

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Tell us about the florals in your wedding.

“So my sister is an artist and she helped me along with one of my bridesmaids put our flower arrangements together. My sister actually made the bottles we used to place the flowers. We had glittered Gold wine bottles with hydrangeas with accents of blush pink. We placed blush pink flowers in one bottle and white flowers in the other. This matched perfectly with the sequin gold and blushing pink backdrop. We used the same color scheme for the bridal teams flowers, 6 pink flowers with one white one in the center. The flowers, center piece and backdrop were all significant details for the decorations in the venue helping set the ambiance of our wedding and reception.”


Did you personalize the day in any way (food trucks, guest entertainment etc.)? What were some of your favorite parts of your wedding?

“The entire day was the best day ever and I still replay every moment in my head. The preparation of the bridal party in the suite and taking shots with the girls and my mom set the stage perfectly. Its not too often I get to be with all of my favorite ladies due to my career along with theirs so that was very special to me. My father walking me down the aisle to the man of my dreams was very emotional and significant to me.The moment my husband and I said I do was by far my favorite part of our wedding.Seeing friends from Korea, Albany State and different parts of my life all together was the best feelings ever. Again its not easy getting us all together due to most of us either are in the military or significant others are in the military and were spread out throughout the world. Laughing, dancing and taking pictures with each everyone at the reception was everything.As I was getting ready to throw the bouquet, my cousin, one of the bridesmaids actually ran up to me and whispered throw the bouquet to me hahaha so I did and the reaction of the girls was absolutely priceless, by far one of the funniest moments.”

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How did you both choose your wedding day looks?

“Now I think about it, I definitely wanted Devin to stand out from his groomsmen and most guys in a wedding. However, I believe quite a few people wear white on their wedding day. We went on Pinterest actually and started looking at ideas for both of our attire. Finding his suit was much more easier than finding my dress. We both like simple things nothing too flashy. So with his suit we went with black pants and shoes. Both his shirt and jacket were white with black buttons. His jacket had a black lapel and he topped it off with a black bow tie. Now for my dress, I went back and forth with wearing long sleeves or no sleeves. Again when it came to the dress I didn’t want anything extraordinary, just something I thought was beautiful and looked beautiful on me. I have a half sleeve which I love very much but I questioned whether it would be appropriate for a wedding to leave it out. Once I went on leave to come back to the states I went dress shopping with my mom trying different dresses until we came across the dress I wore on our wedding day. It was a sleeveless white dress which fit to my body and flared out at the bottom.”

How did you two meet? Tell us about the proposal!

“Devin and I met in college, Albany State University, based out of Georgia. I guess you could say this is fate but we both attended the same high school in Seoul, South Korea but at different times. He came his senior year when I was already at ASU. Yes, I am older than him by a year :). So of course I still had friends Seoul American High School who informed me that they had a friend coming to ASU and to look out for him. I knew Devin was going to propose because we talked about getting married, I just didn’t know when. I just finished a course for the Army in April 2016 and was getting stationed in Germany a few weeks later. Prior to my departure we took a few trips around the U.S. One of our stops was to Brooklyn, N.Y. where a good portion of my family resides. Devin, my sister, his cousin and I went out for dinner one night and then headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. Right before we got the bridge he grabbed my bag and some other stuff in my arms and placed them in the car. Me being me, I fussed at him and asked why but when I turned around he was on his knee with the ring. It was everything, because its hard to surprise me especially with us living together and to have two of our favorite people there to witness it in one of the places I call home was magical.”

If you had to pick one special moment from your wedding day that really stands out, what would it be?

“The most special moment was walking down the aisle and seeing my husbands face. He doesn’t show his emotions very often and as everyone at our wedding could tell I’m very emotional. To see his eyes red and watery took to me another place I’m not sure I can describe. People always say don’t say it show it, he definitely displayed his feelings through his emotions for me at that moment and it was priceless.”

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

“So I’m a planner, that’s one of the things I do in the military but even with that being said I would advise anyone planning a wedding to just have a good group people to support you. The hardest part for me was being in Germany and planning for a wedding in the States. My mother and sister played such vital roles during the planning process. So just ensure you have a good team that can help with the planning process and alleviate any stress from you.”

Photographer:  Lavish Moments Photography//Bakery: Just a Slice Custom Cakes//Dress Store: David’s Bridal//Event Planner: Ashlene Kreations & Events//Beauty: Beauty Enhancements //Studio Venue: Studio Cellar//

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