Where to Buy Vintage Engagement Rings

where to buy vintage engagement rings
The Platinum Peachtree vintage engagement ring from Trumpet and Horn, $3,950.

For an engagement ring that stands out and tells a story, consider buying a vintage engagement ring. These rings spark visions of another era, and are at once both timeless and unique. Whether you’re a fan of the ornate rings of the Georgian period, the fairytale-like styles of the Victorian era, the elaborate filigree and international influence of of the Edwardian times, or the asymmetrical shapes of Art Deco, always keep in mind that these rings are vintage and therefore need extra inspection and possible retouching to keep them in perfect shape. For these reasons, knowing where to buy vintage engagement rings is important. You don’t want to purchase a gorgeous vintage engagement ring then have it fall apart due to the stresses of the modern work atmosphere or environment.

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A local jeweler is one of the best places to buy vintage engagement rings. You can research the jeweler’s reputation ahead of time, and can choose someone who is trusted in your community. If you buy the ring from someone local, it’s easier to return with questions or any cleaning or maintenance needs in the future. Local jewelers are also usually happy to help you customize a vintage ring to fit your current taste.

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It’s sometimes easier to buy online, where you can browse a vast selection of vintage engagement rings from any era. Just make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable website, like Brilliant Earth, Trumpet & Horn, or The One I Love, just to name a few.

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If you’re looking for something more budget friendly, sites like eBay and Etsy offer some well-priced vintage engagement rings. Whenever you buy online you run the risk of purchasing something without a jeweler’s guarantee, so get your ring inspected at a local jeweler as soon as it arrives to make sure it’s as advertised. These sites are especially useful if you’re looking for a vintage setting but are planning to add your own stone.

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Now that you know where to buy, you can begin the fun process of searching through decades of artwork and styles to find the perfect vintage engagement ring for you.

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  1. says: Brooke McAvoy

    I’ve never thought of using Etsy for buying vintage engagement rings. My little sister recently bought a really cool vintage prom dress from a small shop on Etsy. I will definitely look into this, but at the same time, I’d kind of like the idea of going into a jewelery store with my boyfriend. Will most jewelers have some kind of vintage rings? Thank you!