15 Super Fun Summer Wedding Ideas

Wedding season is among us, and with the warm weather, sunny skies and the bold-bright colors of the summer, it’s no wonder this time of year is the resident go-to for weddings. As a summer bride, you’ll likely be looking for a way to differentiate your wedding from the other weddings guests may be attending. And while we know yours will be their favorite (obviously!) we’re here to provide you with some inspirational summer wedding ideas from centerpieces and cocktails to favors and treats that will make your wedding the standout of the season.

To get your creative spirits in motion, we suggest this handy exercise.

Step 1: Close your eyes, and think of summer.

Step 2: What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps its lemons or watermelon? Maybe a picnic by the water or an outdoor barbeque.

Step 3: Now, think about the endless ways you can incorporate that idea of the summer season into your wedding. The options are plentiful!

Stumped? No worries, consider this gallery your muse, and click through to see some of our favorite summer wedding ideas. Hint: An adorable lemonade stand (bonus for spiked lemonade), bite-sized watermelon slices and a picnic-inspired rehearsal dinner. Need we say more?

Looking for more inspiration? We love these summer wedding favors, too!

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