12 Awesomely Clever Ideas for the Kids Table

Whether or not you want to invite children to your wedding is a whole OTHER conversation, but for those of you who are inviting your favorite little guests, one thing you’ll definitely want to remember when wedding planning is that the cooler the kids table, the more entertained (and quiet) those little munchkins will be. Which means you AND their mom and dad will have an even better time knowing they are occupied and are having a blast!

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We searched through Pinterest for the cutest wedding kids table ideas and found the ones in the gallery, above. From bubbles and crayons to video games and life size (well, kids-size) table games, there are so many fun ideas here that I would highly suggest stealing one to do at your own wedding. And who knows? A brilliant kids table idea might spark an even brilliant-er adults table idea or two as well!

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