10 Bachelor Party Ideas (That DON’T Involve a Strip Club)

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The “bachelor party.” Two words guys love and their ladies don’t exactly want to know much about. But just because the bachelor party might have a raunchy connotation from year’s past, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the way to go. We’re rounding up some of our favorite bachelor party ideas that are a ton of fun without getting into potentially weird territory.

1. The Beach Vacation

One of our favorite bachelor party ideas includes renting a house at a nearby beachside location. Some of the best beach vacation locations include Malibu, the Hamptons (Montauk is so much fun!), Charleston, or Miami. Gathering the guys for a weekend of drinking on the sand definitely tops our list!

2. The Camping Adventure

If your group of guys is the outdoorsy type, rent a luxury trailer and drive away to a campground where you can lay in floats on the lake all day. You can plan water activities like kayaking or hiking and when you’re done, set up a bonfire for an evening of wilderness debauchery.

3. The Sporting Event

All your buddy’s super-fans of a certain football team? Gather the guys for a serious tailgate session and score some great seats to the game. Who says bachelor parties have to be weekend long events? However, if your favorite team is playing out of town – consider rounding up the troops for a trip to see your team play on the road (though just be sure not to root against the home team TOO loudly. LOL).

4. The Road Trip

Not sure where to go? That’s ok! Plan a weekend for a spontaneous road trip that’ll be sure to take you somewhere cool. We recommend choosing somewhere that’s within an 8-hour drive (so everyone doesn’t get stir-crazy in the car). Also a must? Great tunes.

5. The Whisky Tasting

Hire a car to take you around for a day-long whisky tasting adventure, where you can visit some of the best bars in town and go down the list for top-shelf whiskies. Alternatively, arrange for a private whisky tasting from a local expert who can bring an arrangement of off-the-radar whiskies for you to taste.

6. The Concert

Have a favorite band? Splurge and grab great seats for a show everyone will enjoy. Grab a pre-concert dinner at a local steak house and then go on out to the bar after the concert’s over. Who doesn’t love screaming the lyrics to their favorite song? Guys, we know you do this!

7. The Boat Charter

If you’re local to a lake or ocean, consider renting a boat for the day. Bonus if it’s not a dry-lake (meaning you can drink on the lake). Just be sure to have a designated boat operator (whether a professional or one of the guys). You’ll be able to relax in the sun and drink your favorite beer. Just bring the sunscreen!

8. The Golf-Master Activity

Not into the whole bar or beach thing? Consider opting for a tee time at a professional golf course to really get the pro experience. Just make sure all the guys are down for the golf game – you don’t really want to bring someone with you who can’t swing a club.

9. The Ski-House

Looking for a cold-weather trip? How about planning a ski adventure with the guys for a weekend of cabins and apres-ski fun? Even if some of the guys don’t ski, there’s plenty to do in towns like Aspen (like fly-fishing or hiking) that don’t involve skids.

10. The Staycation

Most of the guys live in your local town or city? Great! Consider staying local and planning an awesome day, night or weekend in your very own backyard. You can totally reason spending a ton of money for a table at the best club in town, and you’ll feel like a total celebrity. Plus, without all the travel expenses, you’ll have more of a budget for the events.

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