Husband Gets Tattoo of Wrong Wedding Date

Tattoos are a great way to commemorate your wedding day. Not only do they serve as a permanent reminder of the vows and promises you and your partner exchanged, but you’re also guaranteed to remember your anniversary every year. Many modern couples even opt for tattoos in lieu of traditional wedding rings. This is what newlywed Wayne Lomax set out to do, only to realize a little too late that he had actually tattooed the wrong wedding date on his finger.

Wayne’s wife Natalie didn’t even notice the mistake for six weeks, when she was explaining to a group of friends that her husband chose a tattoo because his job as a plasterer put him at risk of losing a ring. At that point, the two realized that Wayne had instructed his tattoo artist to write August 25, 2017 instead of July 25.

via Kennedy News and Media

But Natalie was far from upset. In fact, she found the situation to be hilarious.

“I was like, you’ve got the wrong date and he said he hadn’t, and then I said, ‘Look that’s July and we got married in August.’ So we both stood staring for ages and burst out laughing,” Natalie told The Sun.

Apparently, the mishap was no surprise to the couple’s friends.

“It just basically sums up how we are. Everything is a laugh and a joke. Everyone says, ‘That could only happen to you two — that’s just you two all over,'” Natalie said.

Wayne’s currently in the process of getting his tattoo corrected. According to Natalie, he’s due for a third session with his tattoo artist, who is trying continually trying to change the seven (the month of July) to an eight (for August). “It may be perfect one day, but we are having plenty of laughs getting there.”

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