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Unless you’re having open seating at your wedding (which admittedly I’m not a big fan of) you’ll need wedding table numbers to help direct guests to where they should be sitting. And even though wedding table numbers might feel like one more thing you have to buy, they can actually be a fun way to incorporate trendy designs, new color palettes, and accentuate your centerpieces.

I remember when I was planning our wedding I became slightly obsessed with find the perfect wedding table numbers. I wanted them to be whimsical and romantic, and stand out in a slightly darker reception room…which is a tall order! But, after a bit of online searching I was able to find them, and you can, too! It just helps to know where to look, which is why we put together this list. But first, here’s what you need to know about wedding table numbers:

How Do Wedding Table Numbers Work?

Wedding table numbers make it clear to guests which table they’re seated at. They go directly on your reception tables, and are used in conjunction with either a wedding seating chart sign (a large paper sign or even a mirror that lists the table numbers and the names of the guests seated there, or escort cards. These are cards that are placed near the front of your wedding reception space and have a guest’s name or even the names of a couple on each card along with the table number.

seating chart sign for wedding
Custom seating chart from Minted

Do You Have to Use Actual Numbers?

Nope! Your wedding table “numbers” don’t have to be numbers at all. You can choose signage that features the names of cities or even albums/songs you love. You can use inspiration from anything that means something to you as a couple.

The only real rule when it comes to your wedding table numbers (or names) is to make sure that guests can easily read them. That means they should be large and tall enough to read from afar, and placed in a location that isn’t, say, covered in greenery from your centerpieces. I will also say that while so many different styles work, I would avoid putting plastic or glass over paper. This tends to be reflective in certain lighting situations, and can be difficult to read!

Where to Buy Wedding Table Numbers

There are several websites we find ourselves going back to time and again for wedding table numbers. These sites consistently have the best selection and prices, and can work whether you have a few days, weeks, or months to get them on your tables. Here are our picks:

1. Minted

minted table number
‘Grove’ wedding table number by Minted. $2.27/each

Price: From $2.27/each

Features: Minted features wedding table numbers and matching stationery and website designs from independent artists that you can use throughout your wedding day. That means that you can create a cohesive look on everything from your wedding invitations to escort cards, place cards, table numbers, and even your wedding menus.

Their table number cards are free to personalize, so you can use numbers OR names for your table numbers (IE: name each table for a city you’ve each been to together.)

In addition to hundreds of designs featuring everything from watercolor to real gold foil, you can choose between a flat or folded card design, as well as the paper type ( select from Signature, Premium 100% Recycled, or Pearlescent Paper for the folded option; DoubleThick or Luxe Museum Board for the flat option). You can also customize the color to match your wedding theme. They’re also double-sided, which means you can add a color or design on the back as well.

Once you pick your design, you can pair it with one of their holders (from $7), including a brushed gold or silver cube, a tall brass holder, a whitewashed or darker wood block, or a brass or copper frame.

Woman Getting Married Says: I love how easy it is to find a design on Minted that can work for all your wedding day paper (and even your wedding website). You should definitely consider matching all your wedding stationery, or at the very least everything on your wedding table (numbers, menus, and place cards). Having the same design featured throughout your big day is an easy way to pull everything together.

2. Etsy

Price: From $4.50/each

etsy wedding table number
Arch table numbers from Etsy. $8/each (when buying 15)

Features: Whether you’re looking for laser cut wood or frosted acrylic arches, Etsy has pretty much any type of material or design you’re looking for when it comes to contemporary wedding table number ideas. If you’re not sure what style you like, you can do a broad search or narrow in on a certain material (IE: acrylic or glitter table numbers) or size/style (IE: tall art deco or rustic wedding).

Woman Getting Married Says: Etsy is always my go-to when I’m looking for unique wedding table decor. The one thing you do have to make sure you take notice of on a listing are the shipping times and costs, the quantity you’re actually buying (this can get a little confusing with their table number listings I’ve noticed), and return policy if they’re not what you expected.

3. Amazon

Price: From $1/each

acrylic wedding table number from Amazon
Clear Acrylic Hexagon Table Numbers from Amazon. $26.99 for 25

Features: There’s nothing like shopping for laundry detergent AND wedding décor at the same time, LOL. But seriously, Amazon is going to be the best way to get wedding table numbers cheap and FAST. You can find paper and wooden table numbers, as well as acrylic table numbers and mirrored. They’re also a great resource for inexpensive table number holders.

Woman Getting Married Says: If you’re looking for something simple that you can get overnight, Amazon should be your first stop. While their designs are definitely not out of the box, you can find a chic option that will go with just about any wedding theme. As with most Amazon products, just be sure to read the reviews to see if there are any consistent complaints you should be aware of (such as “arrived damaged”) and clarify whether they include any writing/decals on them (the one pictured above does not) as well as any stand you see pictured.

You Can Also DIY Your Wedding Table Numbers

DIY’ing anything for your wedding can be stressful, but this is one project that we can definitely get behind. Why? Because it’s relatively easy to find creative ways to make wedding table numbers. Here’s how:

  1. A quick Google or Pinterest search for DIY wedding table numbers will give you lots of inspiration. (Check out our favorites on Pinterest). Look for projects that can easily be done on a weekend, and that don’t require a ton of materials. (Stay away from the glitter! Trust us.)
  2. Alternatively, you can simply search for surfaces that are conducive to writing. These includes mirrors, ceramic tiles, wood blocks, wine bottles, large leaves or cacti, geodes, beer growlers, and even books for a literary-themed event.
  3. Get a good paint marker! I totally geek out over articles like this one that explain the best type of markers for writing on everything from glass to wood. Our tip? Get a white calligraphy marker and practice writing the numbers before you start.
  4. Create your wedding table numbers!

Wedding Table Numbers FAQ

Are table numbers really necessary for my wedding?

In our opinion, yes. If you don’t have designated tables for guests, they won’t know where to sit. Table numbers will help guide guests to the right place.

What size should table numbers be at a wedding?

They should be easily visible from at least 10 feet away as guests circulate to try and find their assigned table. Our recommendation is to make them at least 5″ x 7″, which makes them visible yet doesn’t take up a lot of important real estate on your reception tables.

How many table numbers do I need?

First, you’ll have to calculate how many tables you’ll need for your guest count. The average wedding reception table is a 60″ round, which can accommodate 6-8 guests. An 8′ banquet table (which is rectangular) can seat 8 (4 on each side. You could also add 1 on each end for a total of 10). So you would need at least 19 round tables or 15-19 banquets for 150 guests, with one table number for each.

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