Wedding Song: Elevator Beat

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I can’t think of a movie I love more than Cameron Crowe’s remake of Vanilla Sky (the original, Open Your Eyes, is by Alejandro Amenábar, also starring Penelope Cruz). Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie I dare you not to completely lose it at the end. 

The Vanilla Sky soundtrack has a ton of great songs on it, from R.E.M. and Red House Painters to Peter Gabriel and Radiohead. The movie’s score was done by Cameron Crowe’s wife at the time, Nancy Wilson (from Heart), who also did his movie Almost Famous. Needless to say both soundtracks are amazing, but Nancy Wilson’s song “Elevator Beat” from Vanilla Sky is dreamy, sad (if you’ve seen the movie), and really gorgeous. In other words, it could make for a perfect wedding song.

I think “Elevator Beat” could be a perfect wedding song for a processional (groom or bride) or even a first dance song (though if this was playing at my wedding I might break down in tears).

Another great song from the soundtrack is Sigur Rós’s song, referred to as the Nothing Song. You’d have to edit it down a bit because it’s almost 8 minutes long, but it could be beautiful to play as well.


Listen to the soundtrack below. (And please watch the movie!)

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