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Ranunculus have long known to symbolize “radiance and charm,” and I can see why. To me, Ranunculus wedding flowers look like a Peony and Rose got together and had one hot night in the flower bed: They’re pretty much the perfect love child of my two favorite flowers.

Native to Asia, Ranuncculus has over 600 species, but the most common strain used for wedding flowers are the Tecolote. In season February through May, these gorgeous wedding flowers (also known as Buttercups or Coyote’s Eyes ) are both classic and unique, and definitely play well with others. I love the idea of combining Ranunculus with everything from Succulents and Anemones to Lily of the Valley and Baby’s Breath.

wedding flowers
I seriously love this color combo. Via Ruffled

Ranunculus cost can vary widely (like most wedding flowers) by time of year, color, and vendor, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $2-$9/stem. I stumbled across a great price on Flower Muse that has a Garden Rose/Ranunculus package that includes 60 Roses and 30 Ranunculus for $189.99. That breaks down to around $2/stem. Straight Ranunculus packages run around $2.50 stem which is still a good deal.

While their price per stem is pretty reasonable, keep in mind that Ranunculus blooms are not as big as Roses and DEFINITELY not as lush as Peonies, so you’ll probably need to double the amount you would get of those flowers to get the same full look.

Check out a few of my favorite Ranunculus wedding flowers in the gallery, below. In the meantime, let us know what type of wedding flowers you’re using in the comment section!


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