From ‘Yum!’ to ‘Umm?’: These Wedding Cake Stories Are Crazy

funny wedding cake stories

Your wedding cake is sort of the last thing you’d expect to get a memorable story from, but lo and behold, these Jezebel readers got that and then some. They recently shared their wedding cake disasters, and let me tell you, these do not disappoint. From missing cakes to passed out Great Aunts, we’re looking at wedding cakes in a whole new way.

Missing in Action

TL/DR: Cake tasted fantastic, but came with a giant handprint in it, and then it all disappeared after our wedding. 

We went to a bakery that had been on the Food Network to get our cake. I gave them some ideas of what I wanted for the colors and ribbon. I said I wanted something with flowers, too, and asked if they had any examples I could look at and choose. They told me that they would contact me further to figure out specifics on the decorations. 

Well, they never did. And honestly, I didn’t really care – it was a cake, right? Whatever. Well it’s delivered to our reception *3 hours* after it was supposed to get there and there is a giant handprint in the icing. Like, right on the top. It looks like the cake was falling and they tried to catch it. The delivery person seemed flustered, and I wondered if that could have been why. I purchased a cake stand from the bakery that was supposed to be delivered with the cake, and she didn’t bring it. SO, there was nothing to put the cake on. We just put a cardboard circle under it and put it on a table nearby. I was so distracted by the fact it was late, it wasn’t sitting on anything and there was a *handprint* on the cake, that I didn’t even look at the decorations until later. The green was this puke/ pea soup green and bright orange flowers (way off of the original colors I gave them) and the flowers looked like they had been made from a playdough mold. The fondant was pressed into a mold and then the flowers were put on the cake like polka dots. It looked bizarre. 

But it tasted SO good. And then, after hubby and I had a bite, they wisked the cake away from us, and served it to the guests. We had two tiers that weren’t eaten, and those were boxed up by my mother and mother in law … and then never seen again. To this day, I have no idea where our cake went. I hope someone enjoyed it.- DaBaumDotCom

A Little Patience

“Not much of a disaster but we went to cut the cake and for some reason my mom got really impatient, so she yanked the knife out of my husband’s hand and just cut us two pieces, handed them to us and said ‘Here!'”-stitty

Sugar Rush

“At our wedding, my great aunt Dolly loved our cake so much she ate three pieces (which was unlike her), whereupon she decided to get up and dance (also unlike her), and next thing you know she needed to be hospitalized (she’s alive and well). They didn’t tell me or my wife until afterward; I remember seeing the ambulance pull up and thinking, ‘Huh, I guess they’re prepared for anything.'”-Rob Harvilla

You can read more hilarious wedding cake disasters over at Jezebel.

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