The 6 Best Van Morrison Wedding Songs

best van morrison wedding songs

If you’re looking for a gorgeous first dance song AND love Van Morrison, you just won the wedding song lottery! Seriously. We’re not 100% convinced that Van Morrison didn’t have visions of weddings in his head when he wrote most of the songs, below. And while you won’t find “Someone Like You” on this list, you will find what we think are some of the best Van Morrison wedding songs on the planet.

I was SO into the idea of having a Van Morrison wedding song at our reception—in particular Into the Mystic–but it wasn’t something the hubs and I could completely agree on (and this has to be a team effort, brides). While we didn’t end up using a Van Morrison wedding song, the picks below will always live on as some of the most romantic tunes around. So, without further ado, here are our picks for the best Van Morrison wedding songs.

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6. Moondance

I see this as a first dance song at a black tie or formal wedding. Given the fast tempo of this song I would definitely think about taking a few dance lessons to nail some twirls and dips (two thing I am DEFINITELY not good at).

5. Astral Weeks

I think this is more of an unexpected Van Morrison wedding song, but it’s just as romantic as every other one on this list. I could also see this song working for your processional.

4. Tupelo Honey

Of all the Van Morrison wedding songs on this list, I’m probably least passionate about this one….BUT the tempo and lyrics make it a pretty stellar first dance song.

3. Crazy Love

If you’re a less than great dancer (welcome to the club) then this is a perfect first dance song. You could literally sway back and forth and just look at each other with lovey eyes and laugh and everybody would start clapping if this was playing.

2. Sweet Thing

Ugh how I love this song. Seriously, I can feel my heart explode when I listen to it. While it’s great for a first dance song, it would also make an AMAZING wedding processional (I could see your bridesmaids walking down the aisle to it).

1. Into the Mystic

I’d argue that this is Van Morrison’s best song. Ever. Every time I hear this song I just want to dance around in my kitchen. It’s sweet and fun and romantic and everything a great song should be, especially a wedding song. You can’t go wrong with this pick.

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