5 of the Best Ways to Print Your Wedding Photos Online

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Photo by Heather Mayer Photography
This one’s going to the printer FOR SURE. Photo by Heather Mayer Photography

While there’s nothing wrong with the standard glossy 5×7, when it comes to your wedding photos why not try something a little more fun? Below are a few of our favorite types of unique prints available online as well as where you can have them made.

TIP: Some wedding photographers won’t allow you to print their photos on your own. Read this article on wedding photography contracts here and talk to your wedding photographer before you sign.

1. Large Format Prints

If you’re looking for a more standard printing method but still want it to have some pop, a large format print is a great option. Websites like Shutterfly offer affordable prices ($6.99 – $29.99 for a 12×12 to a 20×30), and good quality.

Large format print
Large format print

2. Engineered Prints

As a cheaper (and more artistic) alternative to large format prints, you can opt to print an engineered print. By definition, engineered prints are used by, well, engineers as well as architects, builders and construction professionals for work purposes. For this reason you won’t get the same high-quality resolution as you would from large-format prints. But these black and white photos are perfectly imperfect and are a seriously affordable way to print large images from your wedding day. Just remember this won’t be your crystal-clear wedding photo, but we love this idea for the more artistic photos from your day (like a great landscape, or interesting details) rather than a profile of you as a couple. You can easily print engineered prints through websites like Staples, and sizes range from 18×24 to 36×48 ($1.79-$7.29). Frame as you wish.

Check out this cool DIY at House by Hoff
Check out this cool DIY at House by Hoff

3. Glass Prints

Searching for something a little less DIY and a little bit more modern? We recommend printing your photos through Fracture, a unique service that prints photos on glass instead of paper. Not only is the method super-easy and relatively affordable (considering you don’t have to purchase a frame for the print), it’s totally unique and we love that. Fracture offers wall or stand mounts, rectangle or square and sizes range from 5×5 to 21.6×28.8 ($15-$125).

online wedding photos
Via Fracture

4. Ultra-Thick Prints

Artifact Uprising has quickly become one of our favorite photo resources for their beautiful albums and high-quality prints. Though we recommend all of their prints, we’re infatuated with the Ultra-Thick Signature Prints that are a simple and beautiful way of displaying your photos in a way that includes a photo and a mat, all in one print. Artifact Uprising offers a few options, from one 11×14, two 8×10’s, two 8×8’s and four 5×7’s (from $30), which makes ordering multiple and displaying them together a great option. We also love their wood blocks and square prints.

online wedding photos
Via Artifact Uprising

5. Metal Prints

For another unique option, you have to check out metal prints. This durable, distinct option prints your wedding photos on aluminum sheets instead of paper. To order them online check out AdoramaPix.com in NYC (who also does a great job on large format prints). You can choose from a selection of finishes, like the high-gloss for reflective photos, or the satin finish for less polish and glare. Plus, they won’t fade, stain, scratch and they’re waterproof. There’s a ton of sizes and shapes available (from square to oval and round), starting at 4×4 ($14+).

online wedding photos
Via Adorama

Want more advice on printing your own wedding photos? Check out our review of some of the best online photo printers here. It’s not the most recent, but we promise to update it soon! However it will still give you a good idea of where to go and what to look for as well.

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