Ring Love: Cartier Band

I’m not generally a fan of anything that screams “designer.” I own a total of two designer pieces, and one of them is a vintage Gucci purse I bought at a consignment shop for $70. But I’ve always had this thing for the Cartier LOVE bracelets and rings. Despite the fact that you immediately know it’s Cartier (or a knockoff) when you see it, there’s something about the pattern that is so timeless/current to me that it doesn’t matter. Or, at least that’s my rationale for liking it. To each their own, I say.

If you’re more into wearing just a wedding band rather than an engagement ring/band combo, and are looking for something traditional with a twist, I like the rose gold LOVE bands, both with and without the diamonds. They start at $950 to over $13,000 (for platinum/diamonds). And, if you’re not into them as a wedding band, well, there’s always a rainy day.

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