Picking the Best Design for Your Wedding Website

It used to be that designing your wedding invitation was really the only piece of communication you needed to throw a wedding and let your guests know all of the important wedding details. Boy, have times changed!

These days, nearly every wedding also has an accompanying wedding website to go along with it. Typically, wedding websites include information about the couple, photographs, details of the wedding weekend, any accommodation details, and wedding registry info — so it’s super important. Oh, and it also can be super pretty, chic, elegant, minimal, or however else you choose to design it. 

Thanks to Minted’s wedding website design options, you can create a custom wedding website that are also styled to match your wedding invitation and stationary suite for a gorgeous, cohesive look all around. Minted offers FREE basic designs with optional premium features ($15) so you can make the wedding website of your dreams, for the wedding of your dreams. 

Match your Minted website to your invitations.

First Things First

When designing your website, you’ll want to select a design that goes beautifully with your wedding invitation suite, and is unique to your vibe and personal style. So, it’s a great idea to have your wedding color scheme and your paper suite selected when you make your website. Think of it as an opportunity to check off a bunch of boxes on your wedding to-do list!

To make it easy, each of Minted’s wedding website designs have matching invitations, save the dates, and even décor, so you can maintain a beautiful and cohesive look throughout your stationary, website, and on your big day! 

minted weddings
Minted has over 1,000 design options.

Layout and Background

There are many layouts to choose from, so it’s a good idea to select which photos you’d like to feature on your site, and then opt for a design that will allow you to feature them. What do you want your website visitor to see first? A photo? A monogram? A quote?

Do you want a solid background, a print, or simple black and white

Where is your wedding? For a destination wedding, check out beachy-background designs like Gilded Palm. Or for more of a mountain theme, the settings in Forest Air or in Scene are gorgeous options. 

Is your event casual, or black tie? For a black-tie event, we love the bow-tie art featured in the Beau Tied suite, or the elegantly bold black and white theme found in Curvilinear.

And, if you love color or florals, there are so many other options (no really, over 1,000!) with gorgeous artwork that add beautiful color and an elevated feel.

minted weddings
Minted’s ‘Beau Tied Suite’

Personal Touches

Throughout your wedding website there are many opportunities to add personal touches. Your wedding website is a great place to showcase not only your engagement photos, but also photos of you and your partner as your relationship has grown and evolved. (Who doesn’t love a throwback?) 

minted weddings
Make your own wedding monogram using Minted’s design tool.

We also love the idea of creating a custom monogram for your wedding. But no need to hire a digital designer or calligrapher, with just a few clicks you can make a gorgeous one for FREE with Minted’s free monogram maker.

Use your wedding website as an opportunity to not only inform your guests of all the need-to-know information, but also to share special stories and memories. Many couples opt to also introduce and share a little bit about their wedding party, too!

Get Creating (Or let a Minted Designer do it for you!)

While having and making a wedding website may sound intimidating, it’s not. When it’s time to make your website, Minted has made it super easy. You don’t have to do this all-in-one sitting, but when you’re ready, grab your partner, some snacks (or a cocktail!), get your creative juices flowing and most importantly have fun! 

And if making a website doesn’t sound fun for either of you, you can opt for Minted’s custom design services, where you’ll be partnered with a dedicated Minted artist. Starting at $98, Minted’s artists can make custom, original artwork for a one-of-a-kind design, a personalized URL, and all the perks of a premium website. You can get started on the process here

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