Why We Love the Idea of a Ring Warming Ceremony

Ring Warming Ceremony
Source: Tawistock Town Council

Typically done in lieu of a unity candle ceremony, a ring warming ceremony is a sweet way to incorporate your family and loved ones and have them give their blessings, prayers, and warm thoughts to your new marriage.

The origins of the ceremony can be traced back to Ireland, where the bride and the groom have guests pass their wedding rings around to give a blessing, prayer, or wish to the couple with it before they exchange their vows. You can read about more fun wedding traditions from around the world here!

Ring Warming Ceremony Ideas
Instead of passing your rings around, you can choose to have guests “warm” them as they arrive to your ceremony space. Source: Elijah and Jackie Parker

So, what do you need for a ring warming ceremony?

If you’re having a large wedding guest list, you will want to reconsider doing this during the ceremony, or opt for an augmented version like this couple did, where they limited the “warming” to only family seated in the first few rows at the ceremony so they could easily pass it around to each other. Your other option is to place your rings on a string and hang them on a necklace holder or other type of display at the entrance of your ceremony space, with a note instructing guests to touch the rings and give their blessings before they go in.

Ring Warming Ceremony Pass the Ring
You can choose to pass the rings down each row via a string. Source: With These Rings

Important notes: If you pass the rings around to guests while they are seated, you might want to think about attaching them to a ring pillow, putting them in a bowl or other object so you can prevent them being dropped or gulp…something worse! LOL. Also, you would only pass around the wedding bands, not the engagement ring (unless you wanted to, of course!).

Do you love the idea of a ring warming ceremony? Let us know in the comments section below!

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