This is SUCH a Fun Idea For a Bridesmaid Proposal

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid proposal? Your BFFs will love this!

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Figuring out WHO you want in your wedding party can be hard enough…but once you have your list, trying to decide HOW to even ask them can be a challenge. In fact, it’s one of the top questions we get in the Woman Getting Married Facebook group.

When it comes to our friends, however, we know the answer. It starts with W and ends E.  And if you said wine you’re a) probably a genius and b) totally right.

Is there anything better than sitting around having a glass of wine with your BFF’s and talking about everything from wedding planning to the latest Netflix shows we’re binge-watching? And while gifting them a bottle of wine wouldn’t be all that out of the ordinary, there is a way to make your bridesmaid proposal feel that much more special. A personalized wine gift with a message that’s hilarious, or sweet, or a little bit of both is a fun and unique idea for a bridesmaid proposal. And hello…it’s one size fits all! 🙂 lets you personalize any of their sommelier-tasted wines, which start at just $18. Choose from their selection of white, red, rose, even sparking wines (or apple cider if your future bridesmaid prefers that). Then, select the wine label you want to personalize. You can select one of their designer templates to customize with your message, or you can even upload your own design. Want to get fancy? They also offer engraving on their wine bottles for a truly different wedding wine gift . We tried it out recently and were super impressed. Bonus? Your friends can keep the bottle as a vase after they drink it!

When you’re done selecting the type of personalization you want, you can even add on a fab wine bag or custom wine box (which you can also have engraved!). Check out the one we made, below.

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Already have a bottle of wine you love? You can opt to just create a label, too. The service is super flexible and designed to make shopping for your favorite wine gifts crazy easy. Your friends will love it!

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