Everything You Need to Know for Your Wedding Rehearsal

Photo by Pepper Nix
Photo by Pepper Nix

Before the rehearsal dinner can happen, one very important event must take place – the wedding rehearsal itself. The wedding rehearsal is a walk-through of the wedding ceremony and typically occurs right before the rehearsal dinner. So who should come, what do you need to bring and what do you need to actually do? Here’s your cheat sheet to the wedding rehearsal and getting it right, so you’re a pro before the ceremony rolls around!

Who Should Be There?

Your rehearsal should include the officiant (of course!), your parents, readers and the bridal party. This is a chance for all the participants to know their responsibilities, and for you to establish the pace and timing of the ceremony. It will give those around you a chance to practice, so they can really relax and enjoy the ceremony at the actual wedding.

What Should We Bring?

Your officiant may be able to guide you on what he or she prefers to have present at your rehearsal. He or she may ask for a unity candle, or another significant part of the ceremony. You may also want to have programs on-hand so all participants can follow along and familiarize themselves with your ceremony. Lastly, as a stand-in for your bouquet, bring along that colorful ribbon bouquet your bridesmaids so kindly put together at your bridal shower.

How Long Will It Take?

The rehearsal should only take about 30 minutes or less – and it should definitely take less time than the ceremony itself. It’s easiest to round up this group right before the rehearsal dinner, but some brides and grooms choose an alternative time for the rehearsal. Just make sure all who need to be there are present!

What Do We Do?

Though it’s called a “rehearsal,” it’s really a walk-through. Your officiant will lead the ceremony rehearsal and all participants will practice walking in, learn where to stand during the ceremony, and will practice walking out. It’s quite simple, as long as your bridal party can buckle down and pay attention.

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