Is It Wrong to Have a Dry Wedding?

dry wedding
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Q: My fiancee and I are not drinkers, but several of our friends and family members are. I’m worried people are going to drink too much, and I would rather have an event where everybody isn’t smashed! Are dry weddings totally taboo?- Marisa

A: I might be alone on this, but unless there are religious or other serious objections to serving alcohol, I think this is the one thing that you should never, ever, do at a wedding (aside from stand up when the officiant asks if anybody objects!). While this is, first and foremost, your day to celebrate, you are also throwing a party for your friends and family. Which means you want them to have FUN. I am a firm believer in open bars at weddings, and good ones at that if you have the budget.

While I understand the concern of people drinking too much, there are ways to address that without resorting to a dry wedding. One option is to prohibit shots from being served (some venues already have this rule in place). Or if you’re leaning towards a dry wedding for budgetary reasons, a beer and wine only bar could be an option that would also prevent things from getting too out of control. But at the end of the day these are adults you’re dealing with, and if they’re close friends and you’re still worried they’ll do something to ruin your reception, I would talk to them and express your fears about people drinking too much, and let them know you’re hoping it’s a fun but more reserved event. You can also suggest, perhaps, an afterparty at a hotel bar to keep the festivities going (as long as they take a taxi, of course).

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If a dry wedding is something you definitely want, then this is your wedding and you need to be happy. If that’s the case I would think about a brunch or daytime wedding, where there won’t be as much boozing and dancing and potential shenanigans. Just be sure to tell your guests ahead of time (especially if it’s a nighttime wedding) that you’ll be partying with soft drinks instead. 🙂

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