16 Black Bridesmaid Dresses That Are Incredibly Chic

black bridesmaid dresses

Perfect for any season, black bridesmaid dresses are making a serious comeback and we can see why. They are timeless and elegant, and can work for a ballroom wedding venue or a garden ceremony and reception when paired with everything from sunflowers to anemones.

In fact, we’d dare to say that black bridesmaid dresses are just as versatile than blush bridesmaid dresses. They are a blank canvas when it comes to wedding flowers, jewelry, and other accessories, and look gorgeous in wedding party photos when standing next to groomsmen decked out in a fitted black suit.

Another reason we love them is because the color really allows the bride to “pop” in photos, especially if she’s wearing a white or off-white dress.

If you’re considering this bold color for your wedding, here’s a few things you should know first:

Are Black Bridesmaid Dresses Appropriate?

Yes! And they’re actually super on-trend right now, as are black wedding dresses. So even though they might not be as popular as their navy or grey counterparts (the most popular colors), bridesmaids can absolutely wear black to a wedding.

Is Black OK for Summer?

Just like you don’t put your black clothes away in the summer, neither should your bridesmaids! (We also wear white after labor day, but that’s another story!). Black is an elegant color choice for every season, and they even work on the beach!

When it comes to which color works best for the season, you’ll want to consider fabrics (especially in summer). A black gown might look beautiful in silk, but if your gals are going to be sweatin’ to the oldies in it, that’s not going to be nearly as forgiving as cotton or even tulle.

Where to Buy Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Here’s one of the best things about picking black for your bridal party…you can buy the dresses anywhere! While traditional wedding stores like David’s Bridal will have a large selection of dresses in every color, since black is a mostly universal color you can get away with varying dress styles (like the ones below) rather than matching “bridesmaid” dresses. That means you can have your wedding party look for little black dresses at stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and even Zara.

Whether you’re looking for glamour for a black-tie affair or a midi dress with a sweetheart neckline for a backyard BBQ, you’re bound to find the perfect bridal party look from any of these dresses, below.

Verona Cowl Black Bridesmaid Dress
Show Me Your Mumu Verona Cowl Black Bridesmaid Dress, $114

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