Is There an Appropriate Way to Kiss During Our Wedding Ceremony?

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Q: I feel like this is a silly question, but is there an appropriate way to kiss during our wedding ceremony? Is, err, tongue involved or is it more like quick peck on the lips?- Marcy

A: It isn’t silly at all. In fact, no question when it comes to wedding planning is!

So, this is one of those situations where the best advice is to go with what YOU feel comfortable with. But I will share this: Most people (especially your family members) DON’T want to see you make out. Sorry, but it’s true. LOL. And while it’s your wedding and your moment and you should definitely go with it, keep in mind your grandparents and in-laws and nieces and nephews are there, and it’s not going to be super comfortable for guests if you engage in a full-on makeout session. So, where’s the happy medium? I happen to agree with Drew Barrymore from this scene from the Wedding Singer…a partially open mouth with “church tongue.” Or no tongue at all (I was worried I would have lipstick all over my face walking back down the aisle. Silly but true!).

What do you think? Tongue or no tongue when it comes to your wedding kiss?

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