8 Equally Beautiful Diamond Alternatives for Your Engagement Ring

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When you think of engagement rings, most people immediately think of a traditional diamond. But there’s a whole world of gems out there that make for a stunning wedding ring. So whether you’re looking for something truly unique or a more budget-friendly stone, the good news is you’ve got a ton of options! Below are a few of our favorite diamond alternatives.

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1. Moonstone

Even though moonstone derives from one of the earth’s most common minerals (it’s a variety of the feldspar family, which make up 60% of earth’s crust), it’s still a rare gem because of its quality. The moonstone’s beautiful way of diffusing light gives it an ethereal aesthetic.

Irene Neuwirth Jewelry Rose Cut Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring
Irene Neuwirth Jewelry Rose Cut Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring, $7,720

2. Emerald

There’s something truly special about the vibrant emerald stone. We’re infatuated with its ancient history, which dates back to ancient Egypt in 3500BC. Though a raw emerald is usually shaped into the cut of the same name, it’s not uncommon to find an emerald in more modern shapes, like the traditional round. The highest quality emeralds have vivid color saturation from a bluish green to a pure green.

3. Ruby

The ruby is part of the corundum mineral species (which also includes the sapphire) and is the most valuable variety. Which means it’s not exactly budget friendly. Ruby has a vibrant red hue that shines even brighter in the sunlight from its red fluorescence.

4. Sapphire

Idolize Kate Middleton much? Then you may want to opt for the blue sapphire. Like it’s corundum counterpart, ruby, blue sapphire also has trace elements that gives it the magnificent royal blue color. The trace elements here are iron and titanium. But we’re not just talking blue sapphires, we’re talking all “fancy sapphires”. See, any corundum that isn’t red or blue is considered a fancy sapphire. From purple to green, yellow, orange and pink, fancy sapphires are often a great choice for brides really looking for something extraordinary. We love all sapphires for their bright, saturated hues. Our favorite is still probably the blue sapphire, though. 🙂

5. Morganite

For brides seeking a more budget friendly option, we recommend a morganite gemstone ring. Not only are the color options beautiful (think light pink pastels), this affordable stone makes such an impact with a reasonable price range. Note that high-quality morganite has a strong pink hue. The great news is that you can also find it in an arrangement of cuts to fit your ideal setting.

6. Pearls

The pearl is a beautiful stone to choose for an engagement ring. It’s simple, organic, and looks exactly the same in your engagement ring as it does in its’ raw form. You’ll want to choose a high luster pearl that has a beautiful bright reflection. When combined with a delicate setting, we think the result is just magical.

7. Synthetic Gemstones

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gemstones and diamonds, we recommend searching for a synthetic version of your favorite gemstone. Lab-created gemstones have basically all of the same chemical, optical and physical characteristics of the actual gemstone (with the exception of some that also include additional compounds). This means you’re getting the look of the moonstone, quartz, ruby or sapphire gem you love but are reducing your use of natural resources, as well as your carbon footprint by choosing an alternative material. Not all synthetics are created equal, so we recommend doing your research before purchasing.

8. Raw Diamonds

If you don’t want to completely abandon the idea of a diamond, we think you might totally love the raw diamond. Raw diamonds are the stones as they are naturally found, before they are cut, polished and set to perfection. There’s something so beautiful and organic about selecting a raw diamond for your engagement ring.

Raw Diamond Engagement Ring
Raw Diamond Engagement Ring

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