The 5 Most Important Things to Add to Your Wedding Website

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Your wedding website is the hub for all things, well, wedding! Sure, it’s a place to tell your love story and add pictures, but first and foremost it’s the information landing page for guests to know the what and where’s of the wedding weekend. The more info you add here, the better. Why? Because that’ll mean less calls to you and your wedding party on the wedding day, and more time spent cheersing champagne with your BFFs!

So what exactly should you be adding to your wedding website? We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite website creators, Squarespace, and rounded up our must-have list that every wedding website should include. From custom domains and websites to online stores and marketing tools, Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that makes it super easy to build a beautiful presence for your wedding, work, and beyond! Plus, they give you everything you’ll need to make sure your wedding website is perfect. Be sure to add these important sections, below, and you’ll be more than ready to welcome guests on your big day!

Guest RSVP

We all have those family and friends that never seem to RSVP on time. My husband and I are so guilty of never dropping the response card in the mail when we need to. Side note, we joke about ruffling them up a little to make it seem like they got lost in the mail if they are super late. Anyone else?! LOL. Just us? What makes this process a lot easier is Squarespace lets your guests easily RSVP right on your wedding website. So many of our favorite Squarespace templates have an RSVP function already included, so you literally have nothing to do on your end but wait for the responses to trickle – err, we mean quickly, pile on in before the due date ☺.

Event Info

This is THE most important section of a wedding website. You’ll want to put your date, time, venue name, address, directions and any other pertinent information right where guests can find it. We know most people have Google Maps, but people get lost. Help them NOT get lost on the way to your wedding by providing all the info guests need. If your wedding weekend has multiple events, make a page that lists all of the information for each event, or separate pages for the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and brunch. Either way, just make sure it’s all there! Squarespace makes it super easy to add pages and RSVP’s for each event so nobody will have to wonder what time they need to be ready and where they need to go!


Ahhhh, the wedding gifts. One of the great features of wedding websites is that they provide guests with an easy way to access your wedding registries, so Aunt Sally doesn’t have to call your mom 10 times asking where you’re registered. Squarespace makes it easy to link out to ALL your wedding registries, and even lets you create a customized cash gift registry. They’ve also partnered with our favorite wedding registry, Zola, which allows you to embed your registry so guests can peruse all of your awesome finds right on your Squarespace page.

Travel and Hotel/Accommodations

Even if you’re having a local wedding, chances are you might still have guests traveling from out of town (or even some local guests who will want to make a staycation out of it). You should create a separate travel page on your wedding website that includes not only hotel information (including room block codes and other discounts) but airport and taxi/car transportation options to the hotel or venue, and an estimate on cost if possible. Squarespace makes this process a breeze for guests by letting you add links to any site, including hotels, local car services, and even Google maps. TIP: Don’t forget to include key event details like valet or independent parking options near each of your venues if guests are driving.

FAQ Section

Your wedding website FAQ is the place to put all of the important wedding information that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. This includes commonly asked questions like “What should we wear?,” “What time should we be there?,” and any other special notes (you can even choose to address the dreaded “Can I bring a date?” question here).  We also like this section for local restaurants, shops and fun attractions that you’d recommend to guests. Our advice? Don’t be afraid to make this section funny!

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