A Cozy Maryland Engagement Session


Fall and winter engagement photos are truly my favorite. They give you a chance to bundle up (and ladies, who doesn’t want to wear your boots whenever you can?!) and get close to one another. Sarah and Colton’s engagement photos from the awesome Meghan Rose Photography are everything you want with an engagement session: Great weather, a beautiful background, and two people so in love with one another they can’t help but smile.

Here’s more about the day from Meghan Rose Photography:

“I knew Sarah was the perfect fit for me when she emailed and asked if we could possibly do a sunrise session. I have tried to get couples to do their engagement sessions at sunrise in the past and no one was interested in getting up early enough…I can’t say I blame them, but it made me SUPER excited when Sarah suggested it. We agreed to meet at her aunt’s farm in Clarksville, Maryland, bright and early.

It was still a little dark when I pulled into Aunt Joan’s driveway, but I could immediately tell that I had hit the Photographer’s Jack Pot with not only my couple, but also the location. I just had to go over and greet the goats, the horses, and….the turtles! Aunt Joan came out and told me all about their farm, and I learned that she gives horseback riding lessons and her husband runs a turtle sanctuary. They have over a hundred different turtles at their place now, and a few of them have been in the family since Joan’s husband was a young boy! I was already in love with this session, and then Sarah and Colt showed up! They were perfect! Fun, happy, excited, but still relaxed and natural. Sarah had brought her sister Amanda, and Amanda was kind enough to assist me throughout the shoot. I loved learning more about Sarah, her family, and her love for Colt. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Sarah’s touch of “cowgirl” in her heart – she grew up riding horses at her aunt’s home and still comes back from time to time to ride. She clearly has a love for these animals and the land. Colt even made sure that her little dog Annie was right beside her when he proposed to her! It’s the sweetest story – he used the excuse of needing to walk Annie to get Sarah out of the house, away from family, and down by the water in downtown Annapolis. He waited until the sun began to set, and then he asked Sarah: “Do you want to grow old with me?” Of course Sarah said yes, and when she turned back around, Colt was down on one knee, holding up a ring and asking her to marry him.

I love the obvious love these two have for each other, and I love when we photograph my couples at a location that holds a special place in their heart. It always makes the session feel like pure magic. Sarah and Colt were comfortable and in their element, and it showed in the way they interacted with each other and with me. I just love this entire session, this couple, and can’t wait for their wedding next October!”









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