17 Gorgeous Tacori Engagement Rings You Have to See

Tacori engagement rings are some of the most popular in the world, and we can see why! They have a pretty great selection of settings that range from modern to vintage, and each one seems more unique than the other.

One thing to note about Tacori engagement rings is that they are only sold through their Tacori authorized retailers, and that the rings do not come with the center diamond. So, all prices in the gallery above are just for the setting. To get a better idea of how much a center diamond will cost you, this diamond price guide is an easy way to look at how much you’ll spend on Tacori engagement rings in total.

For example, the Simply Tacori engagement ring (style HT2299) costs $3,410 for the platinum setting. According to the Diamond Registry, a 1.5 carat D color SI1 round diamond will cost around $10,890. So the total price for the Simply Tacori engagement rings in platinum (excluding tax) would be around $14,300 (with tax you’re looking at over $15,000).

So keep that in mind when looking at the Tacori engagement rings above. When you’re done browsing the gorgeous rings, let us know which ones are YOUR favorite in the comments section (or who your favorite ring designer is).

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