10 Wedding Ideas Only Harry Potter Fans Will Love

Did you breeze through Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in three days? Do you wear your Ravenclaw t-shirt every chance you get? Do you know what “wingardium leviosa” means and who “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” is? Then we have some good news for you: there are tons of creative ways to incorporate your favorite wizard into a Harry Potter wedding theme! Here’s a few of our favorites:

Looking for real wedding Harry Potter inspiration? See what these two Harry Potter fans did for their wedding!

1. Start off by incorporating some magic into your engagement photos! We love the simple, nerdy touch of adding the books to your pictures. 

2. We l-o-v-e these wands as a cute way to ask your bridesmaids! They’re fun, unique and memorable.

3. For your bachelorette party, rock these fun tanks all night. You’ll definitely get high-fives everywhere you go from other Potterheads.

harry potter

Via Etsy

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4. Looking for a more subtle touch? These Hogwarts House garters would be a great way to sneakily add some Harry Potter into your day. We also love the cheeky Marauder’s Map undies! 

harry potter

Via Etsy

harry potter

5. These Daily Prophet invitations are adorable. Other ideas for invites? A Hogwarts Express ticket, a Marauder’s Map or a Diagon Alley brochure. 

harry potter

Via Etsy

6. “Always” is one of the most romantic words in the Harry Potter universe. This cake topper would be a perfect touch. 

harry potter

7. If you’re having a fall wedding, consider serving Butterbeer! The delicious Hogsmeade drink is a great nod to the warm, cozy feel of the books. Get the recipe here.

8. Make Golden Snitch favors easily using Lindor Chocolates. Your guests will love having something to munch on during the drive home, and they’re a super easy DIY project. Get the recipe here.

9. Name your tables after different Hogwarts classes, like Divination, Defense Against The Dark Arts or Care of Magical Creatures.

10. A fun Harry Potter-themed photo booth will keep guests entertained and give you tons of pictures to laugh at. Don’t forget wands, wizard hats, and broomsticks! 

The Harry Potter series may have concluded, but you can keep the magic going by incorporating it into your wedding! Remember, it’s your day—and if you want to geek out, then go for it!

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