The Least and Most Expensive Places to Get Married

There’s no doubt that the cost of getting married— and even just a general cost of living — varies city to city. Take New York City and, well, anywhere in Arkansas. It’s pretty obvious which location is going to be more affordable to get married in. But other cities and states aren’t as clear-cut.

Thankfully, The Knot‘s 2018 Real Weddings Study broke down both the most expensive and most affordable places to get married. You can use the data to either plan a destination wedding within the U.S., or to get a heads up that you need to start saving now. Hopefully, you’ll wind up lucky and already live in or near one of the places on the affordable side!

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Top 25 Most Expensive Places to Get Married

These locations, accompanied by the average cost of a wedding there, will cost you a pretty penny.

  1.  NY – Manhattan $96,910
  2. NY – Long Island $66,409
  3. IL – Chicago $60,294
  4. Rhode Island $59,201
  5. MA – Cape Cod $58,425
  6. NJ – North/Central $58,107
  7. NY – Westchester/Hudson Valley $57,678
  8. NY – NYC Outer Boroughs $56,967
  9. NJ – South $47,148
  10. Philadelphia/Delaware $46,640
  11. CA – Santa Barbara/Ventura $45,991
  12. MA – Boston $44,557
  13. Connecticut $42,853
  14. CA – Los Angeles $42,638
  15. Southern Florida $42,596
  16. CA – San Francisco/Bay Area $41,341
  17. New Orleans $40,753
  18. Washington DC/Northern VA/Suburban MD $39,801
  19. CA – Palm Springs/Desert Communities $39,504
  20. Baltimore $39,167
  21. CA – Orange County/Inland Empire $37,760
  22. Hawaii $37,338
  23. IL – Chicago Suburbs $36,25
  24. South Carolina $35,942
  25. Houston/East Texas $35,334

The results shouldn’t be too surprising, especially since some of the biggest cities in the U.S. — New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston — all made the list; however, a number of highly-populated areas also didn’t, like Phoenix and Austin.

Also, as the list descends, the price of the average wedding goes down significantly, especially considering the fact that The Knot found the average wedding cost across the entire country to be $33,931. Granted, that doesn’t compare to some of the locations that top the “most affordable” list…


Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Get Married

You’re more likely to spend a lot less if you live in or nearby any of these locations.

  1. Idaho $16,366
  2. West Virginia $17,997
  3. Wyoming $19,395
  4. South Dakota $19,515
  5. Alaska $19,887
  6. Arkansas $20,223
  7. Utah $20,391
  8. West Texas $20,541
  9. Lansing, Michigan $20,861
  10. Oklahoma $20,935

The good thing about these results is that most of the places listed are entire states rather than cities. You don’t necessarily have to flock to one particular metro area, and instead have more choices for the exact location of your wedding.

Idaho came out on top for the least expensive place to get married, and at $16,366 for the average cost of a wedding, it’s more than half the national average. The locations that follow stay within a similar range, too.

Regardless of where you choose to get married, you certainly don’t have to spend anywhere near as much as the “average” wedding for that location. It may be harder to stick to a budget in particular cities or states, but it’ll be worth it to save even a little!

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