8 Foot Treatments To Do Before Wearing Strappy Heels

Rising temps bring about strappier footwear (and even sandals!) everywhere from the altar to the reception. That means it’s time to buff, scrub, and moisturize your winter skin away with some tried and true skin care favorites that will leave your tootsies feeling and looking ready to walk down the aisle.

These treatments and tools are all under $30 and many are drugstore finds, easily found and picked up the night before a big day. Tackle dry feet, cracked heels, peeling nails, and prevent blisters with these highly-rated products, and make sure the only reason all eyes are on your feet (whether it’s the big day or the bachelorette), are because of your fabulous strappy shoes.

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel ($21.90)

Pro Tip: Use this product at least one week before you have to wear any shoes that expose your feet.This innovative peeling mask will eliminate calluses and dead skin like no other, but the skin on your feet will peel for a few days (a normal part of the process) before revealing softer, smoother skin. You’ll want that part to be done and over with by the time you slide on those heels!

Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar ($6.42)

These little beauties are easily popped into purses and makeup bags which make them ideal for travel. Mr. Pumice touts itself as the “world’s finest quality” pumice, and delivers serious results. Unlike many pumices that don’t buff and even make dry feet skin worse, Mr. Pumice will polish your skin until it’s baby smooth. Be sure to follow with a rich moisturizer!

Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Foot Cream ($5.79)

If you’re not moisturizing your feet, you need to be. The skin on our feet can become super-dry super quickly, especially if you are often barefoot. This Eucerin cream is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and will make your feet feel soft and supple in just a few uses. One user even raved, “I love how fast this healed my dry feet. The dryness is gone and they feel so soft. I really didn’t expect it to heal the cracks on my heel but it looks so much better. This is my new favorite.”


Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa “Heel of Approval” Cracked Heel Treatment ($26.41)

If you’re prone to dry feet, then you’re probably no stranger to cracked heels. Not only do cracked heels feel painful, they look it. Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa “Heel of Approval” Cracked Heel Treatment gently chemically exfoliates away dead skin with glycolic acid, while replenishing moisture. Plus all the reviews agree it smells really, really good.

Dr. Scholl’s Blister Defense Anti-Friction Stick ($14.99)

Strappy shoes can equal blisters for a lot of people. Instead of papering your feet with bandages and moleskin, be one step ahead with invisible shield. Although it looks exactly like a lip balm, you can roll Dr.Scholl’s Blister Defense Anti-Friction Stick wherever you are prone to getting blisters (or even your whole foot if you truly want) and it will keep friction at bay. It’s tiny enough to pop into a purse or a pocket so we recommend doing exactly that just incase you find yourself in need of a re-applying.

Ciaté Marula Cuticle Oil ($19)

If you’re wearing something that shows your toes and you haven’t got time for a pedicure, you’ll definitely want to keep this cuticle oil handy. Ciaté’s cuticle oil is made with Marula oil, an intensely moisturizing and nourishing oil that will take your nails from nasty to nice. The perfect product for ladies who leave their toe polish on a little too long and suffer from dry and flaking nails and cuticles, this nourishing cuticle oil absorbs quickly and will give your newly naked nails a nice refresh from that orange pedi you’ve been rocking for the past six weeks.

Volcano Foot Mask ($13.95)

You can mask your face, you can mask your hair, and now you can mask your feet. Lush’s Volcano foot mask is a tingly and cooling treat for your tired feet. Plus its detoxifying ingredients draw out any lingering smells from wearing sneakers all day, making this a great choice to put on for five or so minutes before changing into heels.  Since it’s Lush, the Volcano foot mask is also made with natural ingredients such as papaya and lemon juices, tomatoes, potatoes, and essential oils, just in case you were worried about leaving too many chemicals on your feet.

Overnight Detox Nail Mask ($15)

Are your nails so damaged you need a miracle? Nails Inc.’s Overnight Detox nail mask will reveal healthier nails…overnight. Infused with green tea, acai berry, and spirulina, these powerful antioxidants encourage healthy nail growth, and condition your nails intensely.



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