10 of the Best Wedding Photographers in Florida

the best florida wedding photographers

With so many great photographers to choose from in Florida, it was difficult to narrow down our favorites. Those who did make the list are true artists, all of whom have shot at some of the most reputable venues in the state. You’re guaranteed to have the perfect set of photos with any of these photographers.

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via Cody Hunter Photography

Naples, Florida

Cody Hunter’s photography style is timeless, using natural light and medium format film to create exceptional photos. He’s great at capturing beautiful portraits and the little details that make your wedding unique. One look through his portfolio and you’ll be smitten by the warmth of each photo and his unique framing ability.

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via Julia Cate PhotographyJacksonville, Florida

Julia focuses on artistic photography that aims to capture the authentic moments from your wedding day. She somehow manages to score all of those great photos you think no one would have captured. And that’s because she’s that good at what she does.

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via Kristen Weaver Photography

Orlando, Florida

Kristen Weaver has a great way of capturing your wedding day in a way that’s real and authentic and so personal to you. She really strives to tell a story with every photo an important part of that. She has a great team with her, so you can rely on the group to perfect the photos of your day.

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via Aislinn Kate Photography

Pensacola, Florida

Owner and lead photographer Aislinn has a great eye for photography. She manages to capture so much joy in a single photograph, and her portfolio is breathtaking. She’s great at framing a moment, and each photo is as unique as the next.

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via Mi Amore Foto

Tallahassee, Florida

Meet Shannon, the photographer behind Mi Amore Foto. She’s a simple girl with a crazy love for photography. She loves using exclamation points, and carries that same excitement through her work. She really loves what she does, and that’s exactly what you want from a vendor, especially a photographer – to love, love and to capture it in a photo.

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via Still55 PhotographySt. Augustine, Florida

Brides describe Still55 as being able to capture the in-between moments. How cool is that? They find such beauty in the simplicity of your wedding day. Sure there’s the first look, first kiss, first dance and more, but there’s also all of those little moments that make your day so special. And still55 has a knack for capturing just that. These fine art wedding photographers are a great choice for your wedding day.

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via Merari Photography

Miami, Florida

Merari, owner and photographer, was born in Central America and has a love for photography and storytelling from her days reading National Geographic as a child. She was fascinated by the people and places from National Geographic, and that same passion now transcends to her work as a photographer capturing events like weddings. She loves the human connection, and the power that photography has to capture it.

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via Gianny Campos Photography

Gianny Campos Photography

Miami, Florida

Gianny Campos captures the magic of a wedding through film photography. Her style uses fine art and documentary style photography to create an authentic collection of images from your wedding day. We promise you’ll absolutely love her work.

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via Kati Rosado Photography

Kati Rosado Photography

Melbourne, Florida

Kati uses medium format and 35mm film in addition to digital to photograph weddings. This compilation of photography formats allows for a really unique catalogue of your wedding day moments. She only books 25 weddings a year, so definitely request early!

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via KT Crabb PhotographyOrlando, Florida

KT Crabb is one of our favorite wedding photographers. She’s warm and inviting and is so great at what she does in an effortless kind of way. In her words, she runs after light, love and laughter everyday and hopes to share that with you. And while you’re busy getting married, you can trust her to preserve all those great moments.

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