8 Bachelorette Party Games to Start Planning Now

Bachelorette Party Games
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So you’re in charge of planning the bachelorette party?! You want it to be fun and exciting, but you definitely don’t want it to scream cheesy. Each bachelorette party is different – that’s because every bride is unique and there’s no bachelorette party that’ll suit everyone. But when it comes to bachelorette party games, there are so many fun options. From scavenger hunts to lingerie and quizzes, these bachelorette party games can work for every style and theme.

Still trying to figure out what to do for your bachelorette party? We’ve got some fun ideas here!

1. The Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re all staying at house together or gallivanting around a major city, it’s fun to plan a scavenger hunt that everyone can get involved with. You should have at least two teams, and each team will get a list of items to search for. Whoever finds the most items, wins! Though you can have prizes for the winners, this game’s really about the quality time you’ll be spending with each other. Plus, it should include a few cocktail-drinking exercises so everyone is nice and happy when they complete the list!

2. Guess the Lingerie

For a pre-dinner activity, our vote is on this cheeky (literally) game where the bride opens a gift (one for each attendee), and reads a poem. She then has to guess, based on the poem and the lingerie, who the gift is from. Either way, she gets to haul home a great new collection, and it’s a fun game, especially when a lot of people are involved!

3. Dress the Bride

Before the weekend, ask each girl to bring one token item for the bride to wear out to party at the bar. This should include a selection of beads, feathers, and of course a sash and a tiara. But let the girls get creative! Bonus to the girl who shows up with Pretty Woman inspired boots! See, creativity totally takes the cake when it comes to bachelorette party games. 🙂

4. Quiz the Groom

Get to know the bride and groom’s relationship even more than you already do with a bachelorette party questionnaire. Before the weekend, ask the groom a series of questions (we love when the groom is on video so you can play it while you’re quizzing the bride). Then at the party, ask the bride the same series of questions, playing the groom’s answers as you go along. When she’s right, she takes a sip of her drink! When she’s wrong, the rest of the ladies get to drink.

5. The Project Runway Challenge

Ahh, the classic “make a bridal dress out of toilet paper” game. There’s a reason we love this. It’s a super giggly challenge for the girls to do, and honestly, it’s kind of fun to see how creative everyone can get! Plus, it makes for great photo opportunities and it’s one of those bachelorette party games that’s appropriate if there’s family in attendance, too.

6. Bachelorette Party Piñata

What about setting up a Mexican-themed night? Margaritas, guacamole, a ton of bright colored décor, and of course – a piñata! Though you can fill it with candy, we think it’s a fun idea to mix things up and fill it with things like neon sunglasses and accessories to wear out that evening.

7. Bra Pong

Gather up some bright, bold bras and tack them onto the wall. With a ping pong ball, each girl can get their chance at landing the ball in the bra. The one to win the most times gets the really impressive title of “Bra Pong Champion.” BTW, when you score, you drink.

8. The Costume Party

Who says costumes are just for Halloween? Take this opportunity to dress up as your favorite TV show personality or animated character and take the show on the road. You’ll definitely get a lot of attention at the bar when dressed in costume. It’s also super cute for the group to dress in theme, like all 80’s musicians. Just make sure to let everyone know that this is happening in advance so they come prepared with a costume.

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