Why You Should Have a Winter Wedding (& What to Know)

Winter is perhaps the most underrated of seasons — especially for weddings. While tons of couples are typically getting engaged throughout the holiday season, there are actually lots of benefits to saying “I Do” around the same time. So turn on the Hallmark Channel, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and get to planning that winter wedding!

why you should have a winter wedding
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The Advantages

More Availability, Across the Board

January, February, and March are the least popular months for weddings. This means that not only will your friends and family almost be guaranteed to attend (no “wedding season” burnout for them!), but also, vendors and venues will likely have more availability…

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why you should have a winter wedding
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…and better rates, too. According to CNBC, couples who opt for winter weddings can trim 20 percent to 30 percent off of their venue bill alone. In general, vendors will likely drop their prices at least slightly since they’ll be less in demand.

Your guests will benefit from lower prices, too. Plane tickets tend to be cheaper when it’s not peak-traveling season, as long as your wedding isn’t too close to the holidays.

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Foolproof ~Looks~

Humidity and hot temperatures obviously won’t be a problem, meaning you won’t have to stress about fixing your makeup and hair all day. The cold will also be nice for the groomsmen — nobody wants to wear a tuxedo in the heat of summer.

The Memorability

why you should have a winter wedding
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One of the best ways to ensure your wedding is one to remember is by having it in the winter. It’ll allow for things like a snow backdrop, hearty food, warm drinks, seasonal decor (think pinecones, berries, etc.), and more unique elements that aren’t typically associated with weddings.

Wintery Photographs

Speaking of a snow backdrop… you and your S.O. will look stunning against the elements of the season. Even if there’s not snow, the bare trees and sharp grey sky still make for a great outdoor setting.

What to Keep in Mind

Some Options Will Come at a Cost

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Most vendors will have more affordable packages and prices for winter weddings; however, one area you probably won’t save in is flowers. Fewer are in season during the winter, so if you’re set on a certain bloom, you may have to pay more or choose another option. Roses, for example, are bound to be more expensive around Valentine’s Day.

You Might Be Battling the Holidays

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, the holiday, along with Christmas and New Years Eve, can be tricky to plan around. You’ll need to cushion a week or two before and after occasions like this, making sure your winter wedding doesn’t fall too close.

Snow Can Be a Bad Thing

Sure, it’s pretty and looks great in photos — but there’s no use in getting the perfect shot if none of your guests can make it. Snow easily delays travel, both by car and plane. Try to plan ahead with all of your major vendors, and see if they could reschedule should inclement weather occur.

If You Opt for an Outdoor Winter Wedding, Be Prepared

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As in, be prepared on your guests’ behalf. If they’re going to be sitting in chilly temperatures, you should (at the very least!) offer blankets or cold wear gear. A warm drink wouldn’t hurt, either!

Don’t Forget About the Dark

The sun sets way earlier in the winter. Make sure you account for the limited hours of daylight at your winter wedding!

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