Who Pays for My Bridesmaids Hair and Makeup?

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Q: I saw a hairstyle I’d love for my bridesmaids to have, and I thought it could be fun if we got to all be together getting our hair done before the wedding. But is this something I should pay for, or do they?- Stephanie

A: It IS super fun for you all to get your hair done before the wedding, but it can also add up…fast! Especially if  you foot the bill yourself. Typically bridesmaids are supposed to pay for the dress, hair, and makeup (if they choose to do it) themselves, but if you’re requesting them to have a certain hairstyle then that would usually mean that you are picking up the tab. (Read our guide to Bridesmaids: Who Pays for What for more on that).

The best thing to do is to inquire with the salon or your hairstylist as to how much it would cost per bridesmaid (sometimes they’ll even offer a group rate, so be sure to include the MOB and MOG, too). Once you get the pricing info, if it’s in your budget to pick up the tab for the whole thing, then of course I’m sure your friends would be thrilled about that (but still double-check with them to see if they want it, because some people just don’t like getting their hair done). Otherwise, send an e-mail out to your bridesmaids and see who might be interested in an up-do. Be sure, however, to tell them the pricing information up front. You can say something like:

Hi ladies!

I just found out from my hairdresser that if any of you are interested in getting your hair done on the wedding day, they can offer you a rate of $70 per bridesmaid for an up-do. I know this is an added expense so there’s no pressure at all, obviously! But if you are interested let me know and I can book your appointment. 

If you have no takers, just know that your bridesmaids will look GORGEOUS no matter how their hair is styled. 🙂

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