Where to Buy Used Wedding Decor Online

Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs
Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Resale sites are big these days (as most of our pocketbooks and mouses know), making it easier for us to buy that shirt or dress at a bargain. Thankfully brides are also able to get in on the secondhand goods, as companies such as Tradesy (formerly known as Recycled Bride), Ruffled, and Once Wed offer up must-have wedding items such as table runners, candleholders, wedding dresses and veils on the cheap.

While these sites a great way to hopefully find what you need for your wedding (and things you didn’t know you needed), one thing to keep in mind is just because an item is resale doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheaper. For example, a recent search on Tradesy for bubble candle holders turned up several options (from different sellers) for an average of $2.50-$3/each (price includes shipping). However, a quick google search pointed me to a similar item for less than $1.60 each with shipping included. So just be sure to do some comparison shopping before you buy!

Even though you have to do a bit of research before you buy, I did find some items that were not only a good deal but not easy to find. My selects are below!

Would you buy a used wedding dress or used wedding items? Let me know in the comments section!

used wedding decorations

Rustic wedding signs, $40

used wedding decorations

Wedding card box, $47.49

used wedding decorations

Pine cone place card holders, $120 for 130

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  1. says: Helen

    Great article, thanks. I wouldn’t sell my wedding dress, but I am selling and renting my wedding decorations. I know as a bride I wouldn’t have considered buying a dress second-hand but I would have bought or hired decorations. I think it’s a different decision. When buying a dress you have to consider the style, etc. which you’ll need to try on in a shop anyway, and then how worn the dress was at the end of the day (mine was filthy from tan and the floor!). I’m also more sentimental about my dress and want to hold on to it for my children’s christening. However with decorations I found these hard to track down – I’d see loads of inspiration on Pinterest but not know where to source it. I ended up paying a small fortune to have my table numbers imported from the US – let’s call it bride brain! I’m happy to sell or rent these wedding decorations after my wedding, because I tend to lend them to friends anyway and I don’t need them again.

    Because of all of the above, I actually set up Bells & Blossom (bellsandblossom.com), which is a site to rent and sell your wedding decorations online. We’re currently only in Ireland and will shortly launch in the UK.

  2. says: Gertrude brown

    I am looking for table cloths ,chair covers table runners ,and chair sashes ,center pieces flowers or just what ever wedding decorations that i can get thanks Gertrude brown.This is a great sight .