What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress


You can blame Queen Victoria for making a “white “wedding gown a popular tradition for brides-to-be. Up until the late 19th century, brides wore basically any color they wanted, including red in early Celtic cultures. But no…ol’ Queenie had to go and pick one of the hardest colors to choose an undergarment for. Thanks, Victoria!

So what should you wear under your white wedding dress? Well, you have a few options these days, depending on the fabric and tone of your wedding dress. One of the most important things to remember is to bring your undergarments in to your first wedding dress fitting. That way they can be sure to alter the dress so no undergarments are showing!

If you have a full ballgown wedding dress, the type of underwear you wear isn’t really going to matter since it’s so full you won’t see any lines. If you have a ballgown dress, consider a pair of cute bridal undies such as these to match your bra or corset:

Victoria’s Secret Lacie Thong


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Paired with…

Lacie Garter Belt


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Wolford Nude Thigh Highs


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If you have a body-skimming dress like I had, you have to be a little more sneaky with your undergarments. My dress had a lower back and capped, jeweled sleeves, so I went with a corset from the bridal boutique I bought my dress at, Chic Parisien, who actually just opened an online store. This corset works great with strapless wedding dresses as well..

Chic Parisien Corset

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and I paired it with…


myskins Nude Girl Short


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If your dress is made of a very thin and sheer fabric, like silk, with a low-cut front or back you’ll want to skip the corset and opt for wearing nipple covers, like these:


UnderwomanWORLD NoShows Nipple Covers


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and double-sided tape so your girls don’t fall out…


Hollywood Fashion Tape


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