What to Register For: Your Dream Bathroom

If there’s anything home-related that I’m obsessed with, it’s bathtubs. Yes, bathtubs. And pretty much bathrooms in general. They are hands-down my favorite room to think about when I’m imagining what our dream house might look like one day. And even though I (or you) might not have that picture-perfect clawfoot tub just yet, you can still transform even the dullest of rental apartment bathrooms into a temporary escape. And your wedding registry gives you the perfect excust to start. It’s time to throw out those mediocre towels you’ve had for longer than you can remember and UPGRADE every item you can. That might be limited to towels, rugs, robes, and toiletry holders, but you’d be surprised at how much a good bath mat can make you (and your bathroom) feel like new.

I’ve scoured some of the best stores to register at to find everything you need to create your dream bathroom, and also included a few of my own favorites (hello, Restoration Hardware towels). Whether you’re looking for a zen escape or something a bit more funky, keep in mind that you’ll want to be able to take these items with you if you do move into your first (or second) house, so the more neutral a palette you can create the better. Less can sometimes be more when it comes to creating a relaxing space.

And one more tip! In my opinion the bathroom is all about “you” time, so don’t be afraid to register for items that are a little less practical than in other rooms (like that polished toilet paper holder). It’s all about plushness when it comes to the bed and bath.

Restoration Hardware

This store sadly doesn’t have a wedding registry, but if you’re using a universal wedding registry I HIGHLY recommend adding their 802-gram Turkish towels to your list. While Pottery Barn makes a nice towel as well, you just can’t compete with the RH ones. I have their white towels in our bathroom now, but I’m thinking of going with a color from their Pewter collection next. The reason is because you’re technically not supposed to bleach their towels, and I can’t comprehend the idea of not bleaching a white towel (even though we’ve had ours for over three years now with no problem)…so, dark it is!

Just how many towels should you register for? A typical rule of thumb is to get two complete sets per household resident (a set is a bath towel, hand towel, and a washcloth), plus two additional sets for guests. So, if there’s two of you in the house you would need to order 8 sets.

NOTE: In terms of the “bath towel” vs. “bath sheet,” I’m tall and I find the bath towel from Restoration Hardware plenty big. 

It sounds silly, but it’s items like this that will make your bathroom go from feeling plain to feeling like you’re living in a hotel. Same goes for the toilet brush holder!


I’ve had an oddly hard time finding quality bathroom countertop accessories. After countless broken soap pumps or chipped trash cans, going with a higher end brand in a neutral color (like white marble, below) will mean you’ll have something you can actually still use in 5 years.

Decorative hand towels for guest bathrooms and/or “powder” rooms definitely fall into that category of “Oh, $hi%, I knew I forgot to register for something.” I honestly still don’t own any (I use those decorative paper guest towels), but these are on my list (as are the West Elm ones pictured above).


They might not have their own wedding registry (yet), but Anthro has some of the cutest home goods of any retail chain. This trinket dish could be a perfect wedding ring holder for you and your hubs.

I love the vintage print on this shower curtain, which could work for a master or guest bathroom.

Marchello Shower Curtain
Marchello Shower Curtain, $55

West Elm

If you’re lucky enough to have your own dedicated counter-space for doing your makeup, this is a nice, girly thing to have. And even if you don’t, having an extra mirror to make sure that braid isn’t lopsided doesn’t hurt!

West Elm Vanity Mirror
Resin Stone Vanity Mirror, from $95

Evvverybody needs more candles in their life, especially in the bathroom. Aside from using them in our bathroom, I also love using candles in the guest bathroom if we have people over for dinner or drinks. And while I love flameless candles, you just can’t beat the real thing.

Candle Collection
Rove Candle Collection

Pottery Barn

While I love the Restoration Hardware towel, above, if you’d rather register at PB their 820-gram classic towel is honestly pretty great as well. I am also obsessed with their classic bath rug, which is seriously soft and cushy.

Pottery Barn Bath Rug
Pottery Barn Bath Rug

Anytime you can make a hamper look like furniture vs. something you’d find in the back of your local laundromat, the better. Woven baskets are durable and won’t look bad if you put them in your bathroom, bedroom, or closet.

Pottery Barn Laundry Basket
Pottery Barn Laundry Basket, from $100


I finally got my husband to appreciate what I like to call #robelife (with an emphasis on the word “hashtag” to really drive the point home). I mean, who doesn’t want to spend as much time around the house in a robe as possible? Restoration Hardware also make a great robe, but I’m also a fan of the Turkishtowels Terry Bathrobe ($59.99-$99.99) from Amazon.

Amazon White Bathrobe
Amazon White Bathrobe

Having a towel warmer might seem a bit opulent, but let me ask you this: What are you going to appreciate more on a winter day? That non-stick saucepan you added to your registry or a towel warmer that will most likely make your morning? I rest my case.

Amazon Towel Warmer
Amazon Towel Warmer, from $85

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