How to Write ALL Your Wedding Thank You Notes in One Day

wedding thank you cards

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Just when you thought anything wedding related was over once you said “I Do,” you realize you still have one more MAJOR task in front of you….the dreaded wedding thank you cards. And while we are so incredibly thankful for all the gorgeous wedding gifts we receive, a pile of gifts also means a pile of notes that have to go out. Welcome to the world of hand cramps and the daily to-do list that never seems to end. Sure, some people like to bang them out in one weekend while others choose to write several every night, but you know what we prefer? A company that does it for you. And yes…they actually exist! Meet Bond, an online service that lets you send real handwritten thank you notes from your phone or computer. Which means you can tackle your wedding thank you cards in record time thanks to Bond’s innovative technology.

wedding thank you cards

So how does it work? There are three easy steps.

Create your message

Once you browse through their super chic stationery and select your favorite ‘Thank You’ design (you can also create your own!), the Bond website or mobile app makes it easy to draft your note and customize it for each recipient. Then, you just submit your message.

wedding thank you cards

Bond writes your message for you

Bond’s proprietary robots will then write your note. And–cue applause–they hold an actual pen to do it. This is NOT a “handwritten” computer font.

wedding thank you card

Notes can be mailed for you, or you can choose to do it yourself

As soon as you add in your recipient addresses and return address, you can choose to have Bond mail the notes directly for you (they will be postmarked from the Bond facility in Clarksville, TN), or you can select the ‘Ship to Self’ option where you can easily add postage and put them in the mail. It takes 2-3 business days for cards to be mailed and 2-4 business days for USPS to deliver them to you or your recipients. (They also mail internationally to a list of available countries). Um, that is WAY quicker than we could write all our own wedding thank you cards.

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wedding thank you card

Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Have your wedding gift list handy

You know that list you started that includes who gave you which wedding gift? This will definitely come into use now! Simply use the ‘Custom’ variable for a personalized touch. For example, if you are thanking someone for a vase, and the next person for a picture frame, just use the custom message field on the Bond spreadsheet. The Bond service will then automatically include that in your message. It’s the easiest way to personalize messages and thank guests for their specific gift.

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You can also use your own handwriting with Bond

Bond will digitize your own handwriting for $500. Send an email to [email protected], complete the invoice and the handwriting intake form, scan it and send to Bond. It takes 3-6 weeks to complete the digitization, and the Bond robots will then use your handwriting instead of their own. While we love this option, the handwriting styles they offer are already so great, and honestly – who really knows your handwriting anyways? But if you do choose to do this, your handwriting will be in their system ready to use for your next big round of thank-you notes…like a baby shower!

They offer more than thank-you cards

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Bond enough, they now offer sleek and thoughtfully designed, handwritten save-the-dates and invitations, a process that works similarly to your wedding thank you cards. We love the idea of personally inviting your friends and family to your wedding with a handwritten note. When was the last time you didn’t just get a run-of-the-mill invite? Yeah, us too.

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You can customize your shipping options

Choose from assembled or separate, sealed or unsealed, and stamped or unstamped for your own personal preferences. We would recommend unsealed so you can read through and check for any errors you might have made while filling out the recipient form. Bond uses forever stamps, but if you have custom stamps from the wedding you want to use, just have them shipped to you unstamped.

The more you buy, the more you save

Bond pricing runs from $3.50-$5.00 per note, however you can save big time with the following packages, which include postage and envelopes.

  • 50 guests: $600 (3 notes per guest, save-the-date, invitation and thank you note)
  • 100 guests: $1,125 (3 notes per guest)
  • 200 guests: $2,100 (3 notes per guest)

We are seriously in love with how fun and easy this whole process was, and think you will be, too!

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