The Do’s and Don’ts of Planning Your Honeymoon

honeymoon planning

Planning a honeymoon SHOULD be a blast, but somehow when you combine planning the biggest party of your life with what will most likely be the biggest trip (so far) on top of that…things can get a little stressful. In fact, sometimes I feel like planning any big trip can make you feel like you need a, well, vacation.

Cory and I JUST got back from an awesome two-week vacation in Japan (our first time!) and it got us thinking. Why have all the trips since our honeymoon been so much better? Is it just because we’ve logged a ton of travel since then and have learned from our trip planning mistakes? Or was our honeymoon just all wrong? (Spoiler: we didn’t love it, and we’ll tell you why).

On the latest episode of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, we share our tips and tricks for having a fun, romantic, stress-free honeymoon without the jet lag and drama. PLUS: Our Top 5 honeymoon destinations around the world that every couple should consider.


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