Real Brides on What They WISH They Registered For

what real brides wish they registered for

Pots and pans and silverware, oh my! There are SO many fun things you can add to your wedding registry that it can sometimes be hard to figure out exactly what should go on your list. And who better to help you figure that out than other brides who have been there and done that! After all, hindsight IS 20/20. We talked to couples about what they wish they registered for but didn’t, and the answers might surprise you! PLUS: These might be the strangest wedding registry items we’ve ever seen!

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We also give you an easy-to-follow guide on how many items you need to register for (like wine glasses). For your reference here’s a look at the type of glassware you should register for (and how many of each):

  • 8-12 white wine glasses
  • 8-12 red wine glasses
  • 8-12 highballs
  • 8 champagne flutes
  • 4-6 martini glasses
  • 10-12 old fashioned glasses P.S. You can also drink water out of these and highballs.
  • 4-6 shot glasses

We also go over how many serving platters/items you should register for, below!

  • 3-4 smaller to medium bowls for everything from nuts to dinner rolls
  • 1 big ceramic bowl—ideally 12 or 13 inches
  • 1 big wooden bowl for salads
  • 2 rectangular platters
  • 1 oval platter
  • 1 cake stand
  • 2 cheese boards
  • 1 water pitcher

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