The 12 Best Classic Wedding Songs for Your First Dance

12 best first dance wedding songs

“Picking your first dance song is easy!” Said no one ever. It’s like you’re telling everybody at your wedding “Hey, we like this song SO much that we’re willing to dance awkwardly in front of you for 3-4 minutes.” Which is a lot of pressure! The problem is there are so many wedding songs out there that it can be painfully hard to choose. Which is why we love doing these special music episodes!

In previous music episodes Cory and I have talked about the most unique wedding songs, wedding vendor’s favorite wedding songs, AND the best indie wedding songs, so we thought it would be fun to go way, way, back and go over the best CLASSIC wedding songs for your wedding. But what makes a classic? We’ll get into that PLUS we’ve got another fun round of wedding hashtags. It’s a rockin’ good time over here, I tell ya, so you won’t want to miss it!

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